Federal Gov. buying “Survival Kits” for banks before Christmas

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    It may seem like a hoax, or a story from popular satire news sites like The Onion, but this seems to be a true story. According to multiple sources, the U.S. Department of Treasury is looking to purchase “survival kits” for bankers and bank employees in almost every major bank throughout the United States. It looks like these purchases will be made this year and sent out to banks shortly thereafter.

    According to this article in the New York Post, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, which is a part of the United States Treasury Department, recently made public a request for survival kits for all 3,814 of its employees. Most of these employees are bank examiners who regularly work conducting on-site reviews of banks across the country.

    According to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’s website, these examiners “analyze loan and investment portfolios, funds management, capital, earnings, liquidity, sensitivity to market risk for all national banks and federal thrifts.”

    The report states that these survival kits will include 33-piece first-aid kits with decongestant tablets, reusable solar blankets, food bars, water purification tablets, dust masks, ponchos with hoods, rechargeable lanterns with built-in radios and an emergency mask for protection against airborne viruses.

    A spokesman for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency told reporters “The survival kits solicitation is an expansion of a program that began soon after the terror attacks on 9-11-01.” But many are questioning whether the government knows something that they’re not telling us, or, on the other side of the coin, whether this is an instance of the federal government needing to use budgeted dollars before the end of the year.

    This report from Woundedamericanwarrior.com states the government is planning on spending up to $200,000 on the survival kits, which includes an upper limit of $3,000 per individual kit. These kits will be delivered to a list of banks that includes Bank of America, American Express Bank, BMO Financial Corp., Capitol One Financial Corporation, Citigroup, Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Company, and Wells Fargo.

    A press release from the Office of the Comptroller states that their mission is to “ensure that national banks and federal savings associations operate in a safe and sound manner, provide fair access to financial services, treat customers fairly, and comply with applicable laws and regulations.” It’s not immediately clear how solar blankets, water purification tablets, and masks to protect from airborne viruses will help banks with any of these missions.

    By Brett Gillin
  2. Tully Mars

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    3,000 bucks for THAT kit?!! I am definitely in the wrong business.
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    My oath, that is so wrong on so many levels --
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  4. Yard Dart

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    Maybe, just maybe this is a end of year budget item.... maybe they know something we don't..... in either case, prepare for the worst. [gasmask]
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  5. azrancher

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    Now why would they need the signal mirror, and how many bank executives would know how to use one?

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  6. Yard Dart

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    Well.... to check their hair of course ;)
  7. kellory

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    I didn't see any martini mix, no ice cube trays, at for $3000 there oughta be a set of golf clubs.

    On the other hand, buy your own damn kit, mr. Banker!
  8. mysterymet

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    So when the Russian run on banks becomes a global run on banks they will be all set...
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  9. Dunerunner

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    Come on... The $3000 kit includes the following..

    Two bottles of Dom Perignon with two crystal cocktail glasses and CO2 chiller
    A universal $1000 pre paid Visa card
    A package of Davidoff magnum Cigarettes
    and a 12 pack of Trojan Ecstasy condoms
  10. VisuTrac

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    They'll have to come out of the bank sometime to resupply .. and when they do ...
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  11. Gopherman

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    They can always burn the money to stay warm! Thats all it will be good for at that point!
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  12. DarkLight

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    There has got to be more to that kit for $3000. Like a collapsible bike or a gun or SOMETHING. As it sits, that's $50, tops and doesn't assume ANY bulk discount.
  13. Gopherman

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    Their not saying that these are the kits their buying for everyone, they say that there is an upward limit of $3,000 for any given kit.
  14. techsar

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    Nah, they'll just order more through Amazon :rolleyes:
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    You have heard of the $250.toilet seats they like to purchase on our tax dollars, right. They are just taking it to a new level of waste....
  16. fedorthedog

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    Many years ago after the 89 SF quake I was reading a lot of fema stuff. One of the things that they had actually prepared for was to bring cash into the effected area so people could cash checks to buy stuff. At the time we were talking about a lot of cash, so I can see some need for them to have a few kits for their responders
  17. Gopherman

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    Exactly the point I was trying to make in the Tax thread!
    Then There's This
    The Fed Audit - Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont
    How do we give the Banks $16 trillion on top of a $17 trillion national debt?This whole monetary system is a SHAM! If they paid it back, Why don't our taxes go down instead of UP?
    They are betting on the stupidity of the American Voter, and with no accountability they are winning that bet!
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  18. Seawolf1090

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    Okay, assuming the bank employees actually receive these 'survival kits', are they going to be trained in how to use them? Are they expected to carry it as they try to walk home through a possibly violence-filled city? I'm betting the employee would toss it away as he/she runs from the goblins that will be accosting them.
    Basically this is a fuzzy-feel-good thing, to con the sheeple employees into thinking the bank cares for their health, and thus having them stay at their posts when the balloon goes up.
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