Federal judge stripped away a key element of Chicago's gun ban, ruling that it is unconstitutional

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    Nice to see a federal judge standing up for the constitution but we all know that the anti gun crowd are like vermin and they will trying to get in.

    A federal judge on Monday stripped away a key element of Chicago's gun ordinance, ruling that it is unconstitutional to prohibit licensed gun stores from operating in the city.

    U.S. District Judge Edmond Chang found that the city failed to convince him that banning the sale of guns by licensed dealers was necessary to reduce gun violence.

    The ruling also would make it legal for individuals to transfer ownership of a firearm as a gift or through a private sale as long as the recipient was at least 18 and had a firearm owner's identification card.

    Chicago, the last city to allow residents to have handguns in their homes, once had one of the strongest handgun crackdowns in the country, making it a primary target of the National Rifle Association.

    Overturning the ban on retail gun stores and private gun sales was the last major hurdle gun rights groups faced in their hard-fought battle to dismantle Chicago's tough firearm prohibitions.

    Chicago gun ban ruled unconstitutional - chicagotribune.com
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    not only a Chicago victory ...... the ruling by a Fed judge has nationwide implications ... anytime a gun law gets a bashing it just adds to the constitutional fight ..... the crux of the judge's ruling was that Chicago has failed to prove that banning gun sales has in any way-shape-or-form reduced gun violence .... it's a major defeat of the DemoCrap & leftiest lie that they keep using for their anti gun program
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    This is older news but shows the deceit, hypocrisy and corrupt nature of libs who want to ban yours and keep theirs compounded by the dem machine in Chicago...

    Tuesday, May 20, 2008
    Chicago Alderman Dick Mell Re-Writes Gun Law to Cover His Law Breaking[/paste:font]

    The Chicago Sun-Times reports on powerful Chicago Alderman Dick Mell:Ald. Richard Mell (33rd) is a former hunter with an arsenal of weapons that reportedly features shotguns, rifles and pistols, including a Walther PPK of James Bond fame.

    But there's a problem.

    Mell forgot to re-register the weapons as required every year by the ordinance that he helped to pass as one of the City Council's most senior members.

    So, what does an alderman do when he finds himself in violation of the law? He writes a new law. Mell has quietly introduced an ordinance that would reopen gun registration in Chicago and create a one-month amnesty for himself and other gun owners in the same predicament.

    During the monthlong window, gun owners who attempted to re-register their guns between May 1, 2007, and April 1, 2008, only to be rejected on grounds the registrations had lapsed would be allowed to re-register without penalty.

    "It's not just for me. It's for other people with the same problem. It's giving people who legitimately registered their guns at one time only to let it slip by a chance to come back into compliance," Mell said. "Some people didn't realize that, every year, you have to re-register your guns."

    As an aldermen who helps write Chicago's gun laws, Mell acknowledged that he should have been in compliance with the re-registration requirement.

    "I knew it was the law. I thought it was being done [by a staff member]. If you have a person you trust to do it and they don't do it, then it doesn't get done. I'm not gonna say it's embarrassing. I'm just gonna say I should have done it," the alderman said.

    Mell said he first realized he was in violation of the re-registration requirement about a year ago. When he tried to re-register his guns belatedly, the Chicago Police Department's Gun Registration Section refused to bend the rules. Mell appealed that ruling to the city's Department of Administrative Hearings but decided to re-write the law instead."When we looked at the law, we saw the possibility of winning [the appeal] wasn't gonna happen," he said.Those who arrived in Chicago after 1983,aren't allowed to own guns.How about that for second class citizenship? Anyway,Alderman Mell is the father in law of the ethically challenged Governor of Illinois( Rod Blagojevich).Alderman Mell is also related by marriage to senior Chicago Mob leader Alphonse Tornabene.
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