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Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by Equilibrium, Feb 16, 2011.

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    You guys probably already saw this but.... there may be some who didn't.

    deleting link.... there's something wrong with it.

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    Ya know, there still ARE quite a few folks with dial up and other slow connections, ( and probably a higher % here on this type board where many live "in the boonies" )... so when you do a post that references a video that takes quite a while to view on those type connections, it would REALLY be nice to have a synopsis of it, and maybe your personal commentary on WHY I ought to spend 20 minutes of my life trying to view something I may already know or have already seen.

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    Interesting.... the video didn't show up that time. Must be because I had to search for it on Yahoo instead of directly at YouTube.
    Basically, it was a video of questions posed to Inspector General Coleman of the Federal Reserve regarding any ongoing investigations into where's all the money>>>? Her responses were characteristic of a person with IQ the equivalent of room temperature on a warm day.
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    The Federal Reserve is about as "Federal" as Federal Express. The whole thing is a sham, the oversight committees are a JOKE and I just watch these things with morbid fascination...how in the world so many people can be truly, wantonly ignorant is beyond me.
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    Ron /Rand Paul 2012. That will fix the FRB. Start using Startpage Web Search, it does not record ISP's.
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