federally funded "intellistreets" coming soon!

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    found originally on infowars:
    federally funded streetlights containing microphones; cameras; speakers;and a wireless connection are comingto a big city near you!
    "we'llall be safer and happier" under the watchful eye of the authorities.says the designer
    " I say:
    "Got 17hmr"?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Inventor Ron Harwood unveiled the intelligent light in a ribbon cutting ceremony. With funding help from the Department of Energy, Harwood’s Farmington Hills company, Illuminating Concepts, started designing the wireless communication system after the horrors of September 11th and Hurricane Katrina.
    “It became really obvious to myself, and my staff that we could do something that would make people more informed, make them safer,” said Harwood.
    LED video screens and cameras add to the wireless infrastructure that is remotely controlled.
    It can provide entertainment, save energy, make announcements, and even counts people for police.
    When you step come into view of the street light, there is a camera that spots you, and the person on the other side sees you by white specs on a black screen. The camera senses that somebody is there, and if wants, it can even take your picture.
    The system is also capable of recording conversations making critics cry invasion of privacy.
    “This is not a system with spook technology. It’s much more transparent. It can just talk to you and say, don’t fall over Niagara Falls,” said Harwood.

    Read more: http://www.wxyz.com/dpp/news/region...ed-for-entertainment-and-safety#ixzz1cWGmsPCF

    Intelligent lights make up wireless network used for entertainment and safety
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    I sure wish Big Brother would get his own house in order before he started thinking he should get mine in order. He is clearly misguided.
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    Completely misguided. It is a first step to full surveillance on the streets. Next we will hear all about how they will reduce crime. Like alot of government programs it is not only an invasion of privacy, but inefficient as well. They have been using street surveillance for years in England. It is expensive and doesn't really help with crime rates. I read once that less than 5% of crimes in areas with cameras were solved with information from the cameras. The facial recognition program has a high rate of false positives. They also have alot of problems with hackers. I would prefer that the government not spy on the public. However, if they are going to, they could atleast do it correctly.
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    Oh this is nice a light to help the zombie see what he is doing to the victim while someone set's and watches white dots, plus it can record a victims last words. Who are they trying to help? We don't need more camera's we need judges who are not politicans and public exicution's. This is just another step for Big Brother to say we are protected why do we need firearms and someone will believe them. If they want to invest in something let them work on a goverment that works. Put camera's around the White House, Congress, State Capitals and other goverment building's and let us watch how many crime's they comit everyday. I would watch that. Next thing you know we all will be one big reality show
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    Somehow, threat elimination has to be brought to the forefront socially and politically. All the rules, regulations, and laws are doing for us these days is ensuring that the threat population is allowed and encouraged to increase rather than diminish. (Not to mention the swinging cell door recycle factor.)
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    "They" never learn

    The Brits have some of the most extensive video surveil systems in the West.

    Hasn't stopped or even slowed crime.

    Just as 'more cops = less crime' has proven to be false again and again, why would streetlight cameras (and the large number of watchers that would be needed) be any different? - It wouldn't.

    Does beg the question, who got the contract and how?
  7. Tango3

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    Personally "I don't like it,don't like it one bit!"
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