Feds to cut off tv/radio

Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by Nadja, Oct 23, 2011.

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    They already did. When they pulled the analog signal to go to digital. They made obsolete millions of televisions that were working just fine. Not to mention the 10's of thousands of emergency windup, battery operated ones.

    planned obsolesce with government intervention.

    this time it's to do a test of their new emergency system.

    I think a pirate radio rebroadcasting Orson Welles doing the War of the worlds at that time would push the sheeple over the edge (yet again)

    Naughty Monkey
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    I read the referenced link, and then read the "comments" posts for that link.... All I have got to ay on the issue is, WOW, THERE ARE A LOT OF NUTTY FOLKS posting to that site, with comments. Now for a FEW Facts.

    1. This ONLY EFFECTS over the AIR Broadcasters. AM/FM/Television, and will
    NOT effect, and Cable or TV Channel, that do NOT have an Over the
    Air presence.
    2. This will NOT AFFECT any Common Carrier System. (Telephone, Cellular)
    3. This will NOT AFFECT any TwoWay Radio systems for Public Safety, Fire,
    or other Local or State Governmental Agencies.
    4. This will have NO EFFECT on Ham Radio, CB Radio, FRS/GMRS Radio,
    Marine Radio, or Aircraft Radio.

    This is a test of the replacement System for the old EBS System, which was the Cold War System. There have been Local, State-wide, and Region-wide tests held, for this new system, but never a Nation-Wide Test, so Those Bad Lettered Agencies need to be sure that the system WORKS on a National Scale, and that is what this test is for. It has been planned for, and published for YEARS, so now they are finally ready to see if it works.

    As in anything else, in technology, it has both Good and Evil Prospects built-in. How it is used, will determine, if it is a GOOD Thing or an EVIL Thing, not the system itself. You can all get your TinFoil Hats out of storage and reline them with a double layer, if you choose, but I will watch my SAT TV and see just how well it works, because I will want to know. When I was with the FCC, I did Inspections of Broadcast Stations, and one of the things we tested was, IF The EBS Equipment was "in place, and operational" and if the Station had the appropriate LOG Entries, that the EBS System Hardware responded to the EBS Signal at the appropriate Testing Times, and on the correct Dates. This is a GIANT Yawn... for the 99%, and a No Biggie, for the other 1%..... ..... YMMV.....
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  4. tacmotusn

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    I am glad BTPost is here to give us a sense of calm and sanity in insane times.
    That said my question is, ..... If this system was to be used by the government to quickly and simply shut down all AM-FM and over the Air TV for neferious reasons, ..... could the local over the air station just unplug from the Federal control and independently broadcast ???
    Yes, I know that would make them a target of epic proportions to the feds, but it also could spearhead a tidal wave of epic proportions of other stations following suit. ..... just saying.[stirpot]
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  5. BTPost

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    Oh, YES, they can absolutely, Bypass the Hardware... It would take about 5 minutes, for most AM/FM Stations, and about an hour for any TV Station, to do so. It isn't like there are "Do Not Tamper" Seals on anything.... should that happen, and they get caught, then it is BIG HUGE Fines, and they would lose their FCC License, but at that point, things will be in the SHTF Senerio, anyway....
  6. -06

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    Have told folks for years that in the event of martial law all com would become practically non existant, including Ham(short wave). They can easily jam all bands, stop all cell usage, and control every other band--even police/fire/etc. The first step in any "conquest" is to destroy/control the media/com. thus disrupting resistance. Every radio/TV station has their "boxes" that can cut in at any time.
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    Have your CB's, hams, and any GMRS/FRS radios handy, and let's see what "THEY" can do about those! I expect a cause and effect to come into play here. Someone, somewhere will set up a "pirate" station and then what?
    What can they possibly do? Since the FCC was the original policeman on the block, years ago ( say 1974-76, when I was up in Colorado) and they were basically stripped by budgets cuts and so forth...who will be the NEW Sheriff in town?
    A certain lack of ability to "police" the airwaves today, leaves the door wide open!
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  8. Gafarmboy

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    Thanks for the rational explanation.[respect]
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  9. Seawolf1090

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    It's all a part of the FedGov's attempt to 'protect jobs'..... millions of old analog TV's are suddenly useless, so We The People have to go out and buy the new-fangled Digital TV systems, that have limited range and reduces our ability to pull in distant stations. Of course, this helps the economy..... all those manufacturers in CHINA have to be kept producing for the American market........

    Any wonder why many of us no longer watch TV....? [stirpot]

    The Feds love their huge 'tests' too. Lets them show off their 'gee wizz' capabilities to the sheeple.
  10. BTPost

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    It is my considered Opinion, that the above is beyond the capability of OUR Government, in any reasonable form. The reasons being, the same as if "THEY" tried banning Firearms. Simply, there are just way to many in the General Population, and there are not enough G-Men, to go out and force folks to give up their Radios. Jamming of signals, is very hard to do, if the folks have Significant Frequency agility, and that is assuming that they have the quantity of G-Men, who are Trained and Qualified, in such activities. I know that there are NOT near enough such folks, in the civilian sector, and under Martial Law, even in the whole Military Establishment, they would be spread mighty thin, across the whole USA Land Mass. Yes, they can knock down Cellular and any Network Based Comms, by taking down the Networks, HOWEVER, in doing that they limit their own ability to control their own movements, and actions. Cities are going to be where MOST of these Military folks would be deployed, and they will NOT have the personnel to reach out, to far, from those deployments, and effect any policies beyond those deployments. Then again the Military, in this country, are also Citizens, and they have shown, that they would have serious issues with any such Deployment Orders, on even a State Basis, on any sort of Long Term situations. My Opinion.... YMMV......
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  11. Quigley_Sharps

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    Why not at 4:00 am when most everyone is off line....
  12. Kingfish

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    Thats pretty well said . I am glad we have someone here who knows the ins and outs of communication systems. KF
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  13. dataman19

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    The Military is split between Active Duty (the care takers) and The Reserve Forces (The ones who actually fight the wars). The National Guard (the Citizen Soldier's) have always been the "reserve" component and therefore are the main force and are the ones that deploy for the long term.
    24 Years of Standing Behind that Flag... Now I'm retired and shocked by what's going on...
    Too Bad our Congress is for hire and don't serve the people anymore.
    Phoenix, AZ
  14. ColtCarbine

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    It happens in my area about 3:00 AM
  15. Illini Warrior

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    on 9/11, the gooberment found out to their chagrin, that there wasn't an off switch for the airlines Airfone system ..... there was concern that the terrorists were reporting & commmunicating by phone .... Wonder how fast they fixed that situation?
  16. Falcon15

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  17. BTPost

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    It would only effect those Users that have been infected with the Worm, and not general Users, on the Internet. If you are NOT infected, your DNS cache and ISPs DNS Server, will work just like it should. If you are infected, then you will have issues, but all that is needed, is to get the Antibiotic Software, to kill, and remove, the Worm and restore your DNS cache, back to the standad for your OS.... ...... YMMV.....
  18. rsbhunter

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    BTPost..disarm the U.S.

    I one time was given an explanation of how (IF it was to be done) the U.S. government would take away the peoples arms...at least the honest ones....Just as in the I.R.S. rules.....if they make enough laws that almost everyone is guilty of breaking just one,then that will make owning a firearm illegal, by law abiding citizens. Then the police, national guard, and military members aren't "disarming" citizens.....there enforcing the law, and taking firearms from "criminals".....Ever think having a fistfight would be the cause of you not being allowed to purchase a firearm?...Have your spouse get pi$$ed at you, call the police and tell them you hit her (or him)....in alot of states, it is mandatory that one or both parties go to jail....!!!!!! "but it's a lie!!!" you'll say....and the cop will tell ya, "yeah i know, but i have to do my job,you can get it straightened out in court". Not that i am buying stock into the theory...but there are ALOT more questions that have to be answered on the purchase form....so iv'e been told....rsbhunter
  19. Pyrrhus

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    Wow. Must be a reservist. Having done both, I will tell you that the reserve forces are definitely not the "ones who actually fight the wars". They help, but are hardly the core.
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  20. kfaulk

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    It would really be interesting when the feds could actually control and gain a huge advantage toward the way people get news and updated from things that are happening from within. And when that happens, you are left with something that is even tougher to make known with, I mean we are going to be back with what is needed and what thing is actually needed.
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