Feds using "liberal leave" policy in DC...suggest teleworking

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Jul 2, 2012.

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    IMO, the Fed needs to begin any communications with "Once upon a time."
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    In Alaska, you show up ready for work, but your boss - for whatever reason can't put you to work - you collect 3 hours pay and go home.

    Ya - sucks to "work" for the FedGov, long hours, low pay, bad retirement...oh, wait..
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    I work in DC. Most people have power. However there are still a lot of traffic lights out. The telework option is for people with power that have prior approval based on their type of work and have remote access capability. The goal is to keep traffic at a minimum in the areas without traffic signals. The people I work with that telecommute actually get more work done at home than they do in the office because their boss is not walking in on them every 5 minutes bugging them.

    As for the unscheduled leave, it's still charged leave, it's just not pre-approved. Again this is because many roads are not safe because of the traffic signal issue.

    I am not saying abuse does not happen, but it is not as wide spread as most believe.
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    You're basing this opinion on . . . your co-workers. Have you done a survey to prove your assertions? Anecdotal evidence is not proof of anything.

    However, someone has done a survey recently, and here are there findings:

    So, close to half watch TV and 1 out of 4 take naps. Regardless of how productive you might be in between chores, if you're watching TV, taking a nap, doing laundry, or cooking dinner, you're not working.
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    Few employees at my place of work (State employment) use telecommuting, bu for some, it can be useful. A buddy sometimes must stay home to care for his wife, who is in stage four bone cancer - he can still login and do most of his work from home.
    I was offered the option of having telecommute ability,but declined. I have a strict rule, work does NOT come home and 'home' doesn't go to work. Makes things simpler that way. I also avoid the temptation to 'play' when telecommuting from home. Keeps me honest.
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    Surveys don't prove anything.

    If you want to think federal employees are ripping you off, feel free, its not up to me to change your mind.

    All I was doing is letting you all know the conditions in DC and why the leave and telecommute policy.

    Have a great Independence Day!

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