Feeding 50 or 100 for Sunday Dinner?

Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by T. Riley, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. T. Riley

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    This is a site I ran across when I was looking for long term food storage recipes. Since I expect to have to feed about 25-30 people I found them useful in making meal plans used when purchasing food storage components. Since the recipes are given for 50 and 100 servings it was easy to calculate ingredients for 30 by taking 30% of the 100 serving directions. Gave me new found respect for the "lunch lady" and their cooking skills.

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    I was stationed at Lowery AFB when I first joined in 1956 and the first time I pulled KP was quite an experience. The mess hall fed 2,000 people 3 meals a day and most of the beef came in quarters, the pork as loins etc, and whole chickens and turkeys etc.Most of the food was made from scratch, peeled potatoes for 2 hours cleaning them up after they came out of the peeling machine, etc. It was unbelievable to me that the operation could not only work, but that there were several others of the same size operating on the base. Looking back, no computers, phones very expensive, etc, I still can not really understand how they got all of the supplies to the right place and on time. Everything from rat poison and pepper, to bread for 2,000 people.

    The site looks interesting just for the idea of what you have to stock for a large number of people. Thank you.

    Looks like the pan cake mix for example could be made up with survival supplies easily, flour could be fresh ground from wheat, use dried eggs,sugar, dried milk. baking powder, salt, and add shortening and water and go. They tell you how to modify the recipe for dried eggs and list food values per serving and amounts needed to make 100 servings. Can see that being handy if you wished to seal some bags with o2 absorbents ahead of time.

    I also like the concept of using it as a mix, 20 meals for 5 people rather than 1 meal for 100.
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    Great site @T. Riley. Will take some time to go through but pretty simple basic recipes that use common ingredients.
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    Hi! @T. Riley "when purchasing food storage components."
    What type of 'storage components' are you using now or will purchase? I'm always interested in this stuff even just for ideas if nothing else...
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    @Bandit99 i purchase ingredients for meals that are part of a 7 day meal plan. I determine what I need to make one meal for 30 people listing the ingredients and the amount. Multiply that by 52 and I know the amount of each ingredient I need to make that meal once a week for a year.

    I do this for each meal in the 7 day plan to determine what I need for 30 people for a year. That give me a list to purchase from, right down to the spices.

    I do not pass up occasional real bargains even if they don't fit. For example, I have two cases (12 #10 cans) of freeze dried salmon. It'll make a welcome "off plan" meal for a special occasion.
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