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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by RightHand, Feb 26, 2017.

  1. RightHand

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    Confiscatory taxation is the most expedient method of shifting wealth from the hands of those who work to earn it into the hands of those who wish to control how it is spent.. Wealth is power so every dollar that we are forced to concede in tax payments feeds the beast and reduces us from master to slave.
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  2. TXKajun

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    "But it''s for the children" and other nonsense is what gets things passed. Yep, tax the rich workers, give to the poor unemployed, that's how it's done.
  3. DarkLight

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    @RightHand -did something specific happen recently to bring this up? I know that for me, annual bonus time is this paycheck and I'm going to get hammered.
  4. RightHand

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    Nothing specific DL but I was talking to a friend last night about wealth and power and what is the most effective method of keeping the masses under control. Once the dollars are out of my hands, I no longer have any power to determine its use.
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  5. Tully Mars

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    You are so very correct RH.
    As long as the masses have a sixer in the fridge and can keep up with the Kardashians all will be well.
    panem et circenses

    Yes, I did have to ask the wife how to say it in Latin:D
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  6. Ganado

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    I dont think the system will ever be changed. The only thing we can control is our thinking. The game is in HOW you manage money and assets. Its what you control not what you own. If you want hang on to what you have you have to shift your thinking from owning to controlling.

    Why do you think no one has gone after Hillllllary's foundation? Wealthy people use these as a tool along with other legal instruments. Its a major shell game. Just like you learn a craft, money management has certain skill sets. Legalese is one of them.

    We all have choices, learn the game or be a victim of they systaem/game
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  7. oil pan 4

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    The most effective way to keep the masses under control is dangle shinny things out of reach of most of them then provide the solution to obtain said shinny thing in the form of a bank.
    I call it a racketeering.

    With a paid off house, paid off cars and a bank account that looks like most peoples credit card debt more people like me would be very bad for the status quo.

    But the sad thing is most people think I'm crazy for driving 1984 through 2000 vehicles and living in a place that isnt new and in a nice neighborhood. So shit ain't gonna change anytime soon because too may people are perfectly comfortable having all their money spent on luxuries before they even earn it.
  8. ghrit

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    That is the very point I've been trying to make with a lib that thinks natural gas severance taxes are good for the economy in PA. Rabid, walking dildo, that one.
  9. RightHand

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    @Ganado I'm looking at the broader sense, the fact that those who hold great wealth own great power; power over individuals, power to control governments, power to own the means of influencing the masses via the media. I'm thinking in terms of the puppet masters who pull the strings that set things in motion. Wars do not just happen, they are created. The economy is not self-leveling but orchestrated. Candidates who will accomplish the goals of the money mongers are selected to play their part and make us think we as citizens are in control when in reality, it is all smoke and mirrors. Those who control the money, control the access to power.

    This isn't new but has been written throughout the history of the civilized world.
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  10. UncleMorgan

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    Money is often described as a medium of exchange, but that tends to overlook the fact that it is primarily a ration card: a means of limiting a person's access to resources.

    Want food? No money, no food. Want a mink coat? No money, no mink.

    Why limit access to resources?

    So you can force people to work for them. At the tasks you choose--and the rate you choose to pay.

    That's because universal slavery is the fundamental price (and defining criteria) of Civilization.

    Money is the whip that enforces our social obedience, and binds us in unbreakable economic chains.

    Employers are the slave-masters--whether they like it or not, and whether they know it or not.

    It is inherent in the design of our social construct, for the infrastructure of civilization must be created, expanded, and maintained.

    And for that, workers are required.

    But no one will do the necessary hard, dirty, dangerous work unless their only choice is to work or starve,

    ("And to better motivate them," quoth the Taskmaster, "let their families starve with them!")

    So we are all economic slaves. And the irony of it is that the slave-masters are slaves, as well, and no less.

    (Being an employer is just one of the many dirty jobs that slaves are forced to do.)

    The distinctions in the life of an economic slave lie mostly in the standard of living: The lowest slaves toil like beasts in the fields, and get little more than food for their labor.

    The greater slaves employ the lesser slaves--or simply prey upon them--and live more graciously, in precise accordance with their place in the economic hierarchy.

    The foreman has a car. The Trumpster has a jet.

    Fortunately, in our civilization, the smarter slaves can sometimes acquire enough ration cards to acquire at least the semblance of freedom, for a while.

    (The short version of this is called a vacation. The longer version is called Living Well)

    If one wishes to become a greater slave, it is only necessary to master the rituals of wealth. Obviously, that's not easy, or every slave would do it.

    One starts by learning the equation for compound interest. Thereafter, one needs only be diligent, persistent, avaricious, rapacious, and merciless. And employ a skilled accountant.
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  11. oil pan 4

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    And a lawyer.
  12. RightHand

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    The employer is no more the puppet master than the employee. The beast is the puppet master.

    Who is the beast? Back in 1800's thru the early 1900's, they were the Rothchilds, Carnegie's, Mellons, Morgans, Rockefellers, the international banking families, the steel and railroad barons, an international monetary cartel who manipulated others to enact the Federal Reserve Act. They influenced imperialism and promulgated wars to generate wealth for their members. And then there was the Papal "cartel" to protect its own interests.

    Who are the beasts of today? We can certainly add the Sultan of Dubai and the Crown Prince of Arabia. Chinese and Japanese power brokers, Does the USA still have members of the beast? We have people with domestic political power but membership in the beast requires far greater international influence than a mere bureaucrat or politician.

    What do you think
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  13. Ura-Ki

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    Money isn't power given to those who have it, it is a mind game to make you think THEY hold something over you and I. Fact is, yes, money can BUY influence and can buy certain things you and I cannot, but ask your self what power do they actually hold? and what power over YOU do they have? They hold nothing over me that I do not allow, Credit card, home loan, car payments. property tax, ect..........I entered into agreement to allow this limited power that I can end at any time I wish.
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  14. Brokor

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    Probably right. Then again, nothing lasts forever. The more money and power accumulated by the corporations, the greater crimes they commit. You know something is wrong when corporate cartels can siphon funds through a Delaware shell corporation and get away with it tax free, but if you screw up on your individual tax form for any amount, you're audited.

    The entire system is a criminal enterprise, and this corporate age we are living in will eventually spurn a very destructive end.
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  15. Legion489

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    Well I keep POing the commies when they whine about why our bridges fall down and roads are pot-holed messes and we need Big Bother to bail us out. I just say if the Washington elite and other politicos would quit TAKING OUR MONEY AWAY than WE would have the money to fix local bridges, schools, roads and what not, but since they DO take the majority of our money (look what the tax rate was in 1900/1920/1930/1950) and then dribble it back from DC to the sheeple, which we are to be thankful for, nothing will get done.

    How about getting a title to your property in FACT and not the "color of title" you have now? No property taxes! That will starve the beast, but say that or point that out and see what happens to you.
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  16. Seacowboys

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    I need $100,000.00
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  17. Yard Dart

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  18. Byte

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    I think this is where the true believers think money comes from. If you watch it long enough you can almost fool yourself into believing there's not end to it! It's brilliant!
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