Feinstein: OK to hunt humans.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Mar 9, 2013.

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    Really? I never knew that. I am stunned that she said that. I don't know how to respond to that. I watched it twice and she was reading that. That wasn't a flubbing of words, that statement of "legal to hunt humans" was written out.
  3. Witch Doctor 01

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    The anti veteran comment about PTSD being a reason to disallow vets to own /buy guns is another issue...
  4. BTPost

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    FeinSwine just shows that she is an UNSTABLE Personality.. Definitely a Paranoid Personality... She should be STRIPPED of her Kommiefornia CCW ASAP... Can't be trusted with a weapon, while Ranting like that.....
  5. mysterymet

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    Neat, do I have to move to commiefornia before I can get my human hunting permit or does every state have them?
  6. Gunny Highway

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    errrrr.....Senator Hypocritstein......NEWSFLASH I'm not waiting till he reloads to return accurate and deadly fire. I run towards gunfire.... you have a US Marshal's Badge and you are duty bound to do the same but would probably just piss your pants.....

    I Run Towards Gunfire T-Shirt

    I Am The Sheepdog T-Shirt

    Doesn't Kill Me T-Shirt

    Double Tap T-Shirt

    BTW its good to know she is the screening authority for such valuable positions as
    Applications for the Positions of U.S. District Court Judge, U.S. Attorney, and U.S. Marshal

    Judiciary Applications - - United States Senator Dianne Feinstein

    OK - I just threw up in my mouth a little bit just thinking of her....gotta go brush my teeth
  7. Gunny Highway

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    Arizona seems like a nice place...

    Arizona Terrorist Hunting Permit
  8. BTPost

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    Ooooh, I gots to get me a Five Pack of those...... Well worth the $5.50US...
  9. Gunny Highway

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    LOL - I know Bruce - they are big hits with my friends and family too
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    I wonder if Aridzonia defines EXACTLY what a "Terrorist" is in the Statute, that allows for this Permit? I mean there are some Anti-Constitutionalists, that could be named, that just might fit into that Class.... and a few Attorney's I have heard of as well.... Inquiring Minds, Want to Know....
  11. ghrit

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    Recognizing that the stupid statement has been quoted widely out of context, it's still stupid for one in her chair (which should be electrified) to have made it knowing spin would happen. All of which tells me she is nearly as stupid if not more so than Pelosi or Boxer, or (!!!) that classically stupid, silly New York woman that barely knows her own name, Shirley something.
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  13. BAT1

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    So this means she isn't human.
    David Ike was right, she's a lizard.
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