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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Witch Doctor 01, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Witch Doctor 01

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    Report: Many weapons used by Mexican drug gangs originate in U.S. - CNN.com

    I wish that Sen. Diane Feinstein of California.would get her own house in order first and actually read what she is spouting...

    She seems to think more might be related to US buys ..

    but seems to forget that many firearms that may be included in these statistics were purchased with the knolwedge and support of the ATFs.... and discounts the fully aoto weapons imported form else where in south america...
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  2. -06

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    Fiendstein and her "anti" cronies do not care anything about facts. They manufacture their own--their viewpoint is concrete evidence in their minds. It is the poorly equipped that follow their rhetoric and fear mongering into the polling booths that scare me.
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  3. beast

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    sheeple always find the loudest and biggest braindead bully to follow
    when one cant think for themselves, they will ultimately follow those that
    seem to think fastest and give the best immediate rewards for following
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  4. Seawolf1090

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    The Looney Left NEVER let mere facts get in the way of their agenda. Even years after their assertions have been thoroughly debunked, proven to be the utter lies they are, here's the barstages back again trotting out the same tired old lies.......
    Unfortunately, the people at large have very short memories - only so many braincells, and they are packed with American Idol, Football, and other necessities of modern life! So the lies seem fresh and new to far too many.
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  5. Hispeedal2

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    I have seen the resurgence of the Mexican Drug babble lately. Luckily, some are still pushing counters like:
    House Panel Releases Scathing Report on 'Fast and Furious' Gun Operation, Sure to Anger Mexico - FoxNews.com
    And that was the front page of Fox this morning.

    This is but another Left attempt at gun control. The question I have is what was the difference in the border violence between GW Bush's administration and BO's administration? The answer... no difference. What changed was the new administration needed a new way to push an unpopular, old domestic issue. Their solution was make it international. Unfortunately for them, the numbers have some gaping discrepancies and I have a huge news flash... this ain't 199-something.

    The "gun control debate" (only the extreme left calls it that these days- to everyone else, there is NO debate) is over. Most libtards won't touch that issue. The only libtards still advocating it are the ones that were around and advocating in 199-something.

    To push something this close to the POTUS election, would seal the fate of the presidential election and maybe the congressional seats as well. I don't see much being moved on this anytime soon. Watch closely for BATFE regulation, though. I see a stronger gun industry that may actually bite back at unconstitutional regulation. The outcry on the "non-sporting ban" is an example. That test is old. The 2nd is directly connected to self defense (DC v. Heller). Definitely write your representatives to let them know what you think.
  6. Witch Doctor 01

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    From the above article....

    I hope his family has a good atty and makes the individual supervisor in charge pay through the nose....
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  7. Mountainman

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    Feinstein needs to join uncle teddy in the hot spot down below, so tired of her BS.
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  8. Tikka

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    As the ATF was involved with and supported illegal activities they should be prosecuted for it.
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  9. Seawolf1090

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    The entire BATFE needs to be disbanded and shut down - we do not need this unConstitutional and illegal rogue agency plaguing good Americans while turning a blind eye to criminals. Toss IRS, TSA and the DHS onto that list too......
  10. Tikka

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    The problem with the ATF is the same as the rest of the "agencies" they have overstepped their "charter."
    Call me a tin foil type but I am not buying their reasons; however, I'll buy it was a set up to enact anti gun legislation in a heartbeat.
    What really gripes my butt is we borrow 44 cents of every dollar we pay them.
  11. Ivan

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    while it recently has come to light that the atf has indeed allowed some gun trafficking to happen with its knowledge i doubt that this could be reckoned as 'many' by any stretch of the imagination. indeed the entire scope of civilian arms trafficking is probably a small fraction of the armament of the drug gangs. the huge numbers of "arms manufactured in the US" that turn up in mexico appear to largely be a result of theft from the mexican army. mexco buys a most of its arms from the US and lots of these arms end up on the streets. the guns later get recaptured buy the government. the serial number is then run and it points back to a US factory. no distinction is made on the route it took to get there, thy all just end up as "guns from the united states".
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  12. Tikka

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    Yes, the ATF has run stings; however none of them were of this magnitude. The usual is they set someone up then raid him; not supply an endless stream of firearms. In view of the ever escalating violence in Mexico IMO selling firearms to the Cartels was criminal.

    You do realize that for the rest of us selling one would be one too many. However, it is OK for the ATF to sell a "small percentage" of the drug armies weapons is this excusable because it was for the children or a good cause?

    The US Government sells guns to the Mexican Army which end up on the streets and the ATF adds more? It sounds as if 0bama's administration is doubly responsible for the killings in Mexico.
  13. jwar

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    The drug cartels would still be getting all the guns they want if not a single one came from the US -- Drugs=Money=shopping spree wherever they have what you want. It might be a little more expensive for them, but what else do they have to do with their piles of cash? South America can produce guns just as well (?) as we can if the incentive is there.
  14. Ivan

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    'to much to be morally acceptable' and 'a lot' are not the same. i was meerly making the point that the ATF is not responsible for those "18,000 guns captured in mexico trace backed to the US" headlines. and neither are US civillian gun sales. its largely theft from the mexican army.

    well, us arms companies anyway. not sure exactly how involved our .gov would be other then approving the sale.

    well, the US government. "obama administration" may be factually correct but seems to imply that obama is somehow materially different from all previous when really hes about as 'more of the same' as they come.

    if we really wanna help, i suggest full legalization of of marijuana and all other "soft drugs" and decriminalization of the harder ones. hit the gangs where they'll feel it.
  15. Seawolf1090

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    Since Uncle Hugo in Venezuela now has a shiny new arms factory producing all the AK47s he can hammer out, he needs customers. If I was a Mexican druglord, that would be my supplier! I am sure they have well-established 'trade networks' among all the banana republics. :rolleyes:

    And no pesky paperwork or serial numbers to bother with.
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