FEMA preps for major Pacific rim disaster ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Sep 19, 2013.

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    Based on Federal Solicitations, FEMA is readying to deploy 100,000 medical personnel to 1000 shelter locations (100 medical personnel per location) on 48 hours notice. These shelter locations appear to be the housing quarters for the medical teams, as they are being stocked with atypical luxury, aka mobile showers, restrooms, hot food, medical clothing (scrubs), winter "sweat shirts and pants" etc.

    Contractor comments/questions call it an "Armageddon scenario" and question the capabilities of their industries to support it. These Government solicitations have all the earmarks of massive logistical incompetence.

    The threat being prepared for appears to be coming out of the Pacific Rim region, a likely scenario is the human spread of Avian Bird Flu (H7N9) out of China. We think less it is less likely (but we can't rule it out) that this is a Fukushima preparation because nuclear threats are invisible and usually deniable. Any such mobilization MUST BE less panic inducing than the threat which it seeks to quell, aka PANDEMIC.
    Just passing it along. The (few) comments are interesting.
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    FEMA doesn't HAVE 100K Medical Personnel, to deploy. even on their BEST Day.... let alone if a Pandemic, strikes..... to get anywhere near that size of response, they would have to strip EVER Hospital, and Clinic, of 90% of their Personnel, and ship them off to the West Coast, and leaving the rest of the county, without adequate Medical Resources. Their would be such a Hissy Fit, by the rest of the country, it could bring down the Government. The best they could do would be to get the Military Medical Folks to deploy, and bring home those in S Korean, and Europe, ASAP. That might get them half way there..... Also FEMA doesn't have the Staff or Operational Folks to organize a Deployment of non-Military Medical Folks, either.... They could, once the .Mil folks are in place, with their Command Structure, up and running, maybe fill in with conscripted non-Mil or Retired .Mil Folks,. It will not be Doctors, and RNs that will be the most needed, but the Support People, the Techs, Orderlies, Assistants, and non-Medical Staff that do the Cleaning, Laundry, reStocking, and paperwork, that will hardest to get going, and administer.
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    Do I smell a draft of the uninterested coming along? That should do wonders for the level of medical care.
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    What about all those FEMA youths we heard about? Would they be involved?
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  5. Gator 45/70

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    Crap, It took them 2 day's to get the 18 wheeler's with ice down here for Katrina...

    I'm calling B.S.
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  6. kellory

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    Why? What can Bob Saggot do?;)
  7. Gator 45/70

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    Suck Egg's... Like for the last so many year's.

    Look it up...lol
  8. techsar

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    Perhaps connected to the 386,000 foreign troops currently training in our country?[shtf]
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  9. Gator 45/70

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    We will be sending in your cou-san Shelby !
  10. techsar

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    No relation to me or mine, but my employer does have a pic of him with a rather large turtle...taken maybe 20 years ago ;)
  11. Gator 45/70

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    This you ?

    madison ville.

    Is Shelby down in the Maurepas area ?
  12. techsar

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    That's not far away, maybe 20 miles. (Madisonville)

    IIRC, he is in that general area...mouth of the Tangipahoa River vicinity.
  13. Gator 45/70

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    Never been there, I did hang out on a 50ft. Gulf Star in Madisonville back in 96/97, Took in The Wooden boat festival a couple of time's, Interesting stuff !
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    Not wanting to be the old man that hears the voices in his head[tinfoil101]but what if Big Brother was using FEMA as a front to get boots on the ground[patr]? For some operation they know that We The People are going to get[do-it] again.
    Big Brother has a history of mishandling the truth a little carelessly then tell us it's for our own good[kneelsuckers].

    thCA68E9UX. thCAH2ED8T.
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    You are all forgetting the "pandemic" of listlessness if for some reason Starbucks should run out of coffeebeans . Perhaps Big Bro' knows something they're not saying about the current coffee crop.
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    Gad, We all would have to rely on Caffeinated Sodas..... Oh the Horror......
  17. Alpha Dog

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    As long as the beer truck makes it through this Monkey will be alright!!! Of course that’s only for the comfort and calming affect it has. I don't drink for pleasure only to cope with the daily problems of a poor, slightly overweight Southern Boy who is discriminated against by his Government. :( Why can’t we all just get along
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    After the 89 SF quake I did a lot of reading of fema plans for a major 8.0 or larger quake. 4-7 days was the estimated response time for any aid at that time.
  19. kellory

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    Spotted this in MY neighborhood today! Ohio!
  20. Yard Dart

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    At least it is not a cattle truck :eek:
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