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    That kinda looks like fun, If I were a Public official. As a person who is scared of my government, I'd like to go there to learn what their doing, and figure out how to counter it in a non violent way. I guess the trick is not to be caught, and DON'T stick out like a bent nail.
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    Is countering the government in a non violent way even possible in this day in age? We all saw how Ron Paul fared running on a platform that almost all of us Monkeys agreed with. Is there anything short of revolution left to us? Honest question, please reply.
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    Is there a non violent way, yes. Its called less than lethal tactics. like taser mines, and cs gas. Also the glories of beanbag cannons, and rubber bullets.

    Thats the idea here.
    there are also the regular netting tricks. However my ultimate goal would be to make the government agencies look idiotic in their attempts to take me. Also by showing that I was not taking their lives i was not an Evil anti-government nutcase. I would try and use the media to state my case for the world to hear throught the mass media.
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    i think the monks in tibet recently got a refresher course in non-violent governmental resistance.....

    non-violent protest is what people do as a LAST resort because they have no other options....sheeple and hippies prefer to begin with that method, again, because they have no other options.
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    I guess when it comes right down to it I'd rather kill a politician (HYPOTHETICALLY speaking) to make my point, than allow a politician to have me killed in order to make the same point. I'm not convinced my way would be more effective, it just suits me better I suppose.
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