FEMA youth---alias Brown Shirts

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by -06, Jun 5, 2013.

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    That article is from last September, how many do you think have graduated since? At last one of them must have some sense, maybe they will come forward with what was involved in their "training".
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    I think it is a good idea for all gun owners in the country to have a national day of re-loading or purchasing 231 rounds....minimum. Just as our way of acknowledging this new FEMA class.....
    Of course @Harbin is on to something. If they are cranking out say 231 every 8 to 10 weeks (basic training style) they could have about a 1,000 or so graduated by now....
    Lets up it to 1,000 rounds of ammo either reloaded or purchased.... [stirpot]
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    I think this is why the main stream media didn't cover the story.
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    I saw this last winter. Am I concerned? yes. Add in the internment camps, coffins, U.N. vehicles on U.S. soil etc. and it all adds up to compliance with Global policy or be detained, re educated and washed in the kool aid. OR DIE . This horse shit has been compounding for a decade now and there is no end in sight until we either assimilate or rebel. Im telling you all right now there is a man coming on the scene real soon. He will be blowing peace and love for all mankind out his ass. His words will sooth even the most radical of us. He will promise liberty and freedom, and end to war and fuel and food shortages. Then he will reduce the number of people on the planet by half. and enslave the rest. He is coming . KF
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  6. enloopious

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    Organize and build your groups of resistance now. The best START is to get a local gun club started up in your area. Get it going and get a strong membership base. Other clubs like martial arts, fighting, wrestling, nature hiking, hackers, computer groups, legal resistance groups, and other similar places are also good places to look. You want to get people who are out doing things and not couch potatoes.

    Then move on to forming education groups/clubs at local community centers where people can talk and compare current events to things that Hitler and Stalin did under the guise of a history club or news discussion group. Most people are going to be either Republican or Democrat so we have to do an angled approach where we don't get in their faces. That will only repel them. Instead come at them like a friend but with a question: "do you think that has to do with their political party because I have seen both Reps and Dems start wars... what makes thm different?" Make them think and lift them up so that they can stand on their own. Friendly questions can change minds. Telling people what to think will repel them.

    Form preparedness groups of 4 from like minded people for 'emergencies'. These quads should have skills that compliment the rest of the group. They should be trained how to handle a specific set of challenges: driving, shooting, leadership, improvisation, morale, etc. Take your quad on camping trips or to specific freedom based activities like paint ball wars, new gear testing, improvised weapons and explosives fun in the desert like potato cannons, historic weapons building/operation, etc. Run drills.

    Where can you go from there? Start building your armies now. How many people do you know who would fight with you? How many people do you know who have strategies? The worst plan today is better than the best plan tomorrow. If you are not a leader fake it until it is true.

    Online groups have their place but when the meat hits the metal its going to come down to physical friends and those willing to fight and die with you and for you and your freedom. If we aren't willing to fight and die for our neighbors they wont be willing to fight and die by our sides. What will you do without freedom?

    We need to start doing these things now and teach our kids how to continue them forever. We need create our own system of education to show the future generations how to spot tyranny and how to fight it before it starts. We need to champion the individuals and create a nation of leaders with NO followers. Lead by example.
  7. tacmotusn

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    I hope it never comes to this, but should Obozo's Brownshirts start what most of us expect, they are going to be rudely and abruptly confronted by millions of experienced sheepdogs and wolves who will rip their hearts out and crap on their lifeless carcasses.
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    My Grandpa was right, it just a question of "when" now.
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    Sooner than later.
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  11. DarkLight

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    If left up to the current PTB, they've made the choice for you and freedom isn't really in those cards...
  12. enloopious

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    Freedom is always in the cards. It starts in our mind and like any other idea it can't be killed. If you are free in your mind then you can make the rest of your body free. We all have the tools to do this no matter how much oppressive propaganda tells you other wise. One dissenting voice in a billion can still make a difference and live free. The key is that you have to be willing to fight and die for your rights or you won't have them and the long we all wait the harder it gets every day.

    Today I was talking to a coworker and I mentioned a couple of internet video links that were geared towards freedom and he offered for me to join his group. I'm not really going to say anything specific about the group but they all think like I do and it is a lot of people.
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    "Tac", you are soooo graphic--lol. Seriously, if you are not ready then you need to be. Just saw that drones are being used over us--what is next? "Big Brother" is looming closer and at a rapid pace.
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    So the drones shoot and kill people by the millions. Who cares. I am still going to live my life free and do what I want. Sometimes I get caught up in the game and want to get angry but I always know that its just a game and not who I am. Like clouds all emotions pass. Do what you want and don't let anyone influence your desires in a negative way. The only way they can control any of us is if we care.
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    Publish ANY creditable News Story, where a Drone, or even the Total Death Toll, from ALL Drone Strikes, EVER, has been more than 30K let alone "Millions" When folks exaggerated such BS, it only shows their lack of understanding...... ......
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    50 innocent people for each "suspect" is not good by any standards.
    Predator Drone Strikes: 50 Civilians Are Killed For Every 1 Terrorist, and the CIA Only Wants to Up Drone Warfare

    Well under 30k....
    How Many People Has Barack Obama Killed With Drones?

    2. 300 senior operational leaders were targeted and the remaining 3,700 casualties are collateral damage. This absurd assumption would mean, on average, an excess of 100 civilian casualties for each target exists. While civilian casualties are not prohibited by the law of armed conflict and there’s no precise formula for an acceptable ratio of targets to civilians killed, there is a rule of proportionality and an average of 100 civilians killed for each senior operational leader would clearly place the program in the category of horrible policy, if not war crimes.
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    It 4K is the number, then we kill more than, that with Hammers (Blunt Instrument) , in this County... This whole Drone thing, seems to be a "Tempest in a TeaPot".... Unless you happen to be the TARGET....
  18. -06

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    Just the thoughts of being a target accidentally is frightening considering the number of "wrong address" no knock warrants.
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