FEMA's totalitarian confiscation powers

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Blackjack, Nov 2, 2006.

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    Keep reading, what scares you most the nwo troopers or the grey's and draconi's.and their city of lightcoming out of the orion nebulato help "free" america" push the chinese/un troops into the sea? I'm not saying these E.O's don' exist,( infact I would like to find a way to research them )don't be alarmed the spaceship doesnt arrive until 3,000a.d.

    IMHO This is all internet mythology. I'm betting if you search some of this stuff you will find it, but referenced to itself in a big circle. :)
    It's easy to go along and get caught up in this stuff.I posted a link to Kurt saxon's writings in ( back to basics)read what he has to say about the Alex jones's( prisonplanet)folks of the world..it'll give you a little different perspective..
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    hehe.... no, I draw the line at the spaceships :)

    I know the Alex Jones crowd is pretty over the top, but I don't think the video clips lied.

    I hope your right, I get pretty worked up about this crap pretty easy these days it seems. I'm on my way to read your back to basics link.
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