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    Fenixlight Limited

    Another blazer for Fenix. I have been using Fenix lights since they have started up. Overall, I like that the lights are rugged, most are waterproof (this one is), bright and have useful settings. Mostly, I have found them to be very dependable. I have had other brands fail on me. But after dozens of Fenix lights, I only had one stop working after over a decade of use. So what did Fenix do? They sent me a replacement head for free. And it was a long discontinued item. So they refurbished one for me. Good folks.

    The TK35UE 2018 edition is now my brightest flashlight.

    What I like:
    Blazing bright
    Good throw
    Good flood
    Long runtimes on bright and low settings
    Strobe would mess someone up

    What I don't like:
    Heavy and bulky using two 18650 batteries
    Would be great if they also had a side switch (they have two tail cap switches)
    Little bit expensive

    On to the beam shots. All shots were with the focus and exposure set to the brightest hotspot. The figurine is about 20 feet from where I was. It was dark out and you wouldn't see the figurine with the naked eye. One more note, it was brighter than depicted since the exposure setting toned it down.

    (lumens, runtime)

    Economy (20 lumens, 152 hours)

    Low (100 lumens, 38 hours, 40 minutes)

    Medium (350 lumens, 10 hours 50 minutes)

    High (1000 lumens, 3 hours 40 minutes)

    Turbo 1 - Tactical mode (2000 lumens, 2 hours)

    Turbo 2 - outdoor mode (3200 lumens, 1 hour 30 minutes)

    Overall: recommended
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    Yuge fan of Fenix lights! My small one puts out "only" 40 lumin, but the high power one puts out 800 Lumina! Battery life is awesome with both, about 6 hours on the small one, and 2 1/2 hours on the big light. Both have rechargeble Li-Ion batteries which is the only way to fly with a high power light. I ditched the SureFires a while ago, couldn't afford the batteries and the life wasn' all that great!
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    Fenix TK35 Ultimate Edition Tactical LED Flashlight 2018 Edition

    140 online store with free ship for USA , Canada is 15$ then the postal or who ever will add customs & duty & then hold you ransom for getting it.
    There is NO free trade for Canadians , they are over taxed & abused to bringing in anything into Canada..
    Worst postal , & 1920 liqueur laws still while the most expensive in NA , just a wee bit cheaper than a cruse ship ..

    Nice light I ordered one to my USA Addy / house

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    Guys and Gals, if you sign up as a customer on one of the Fenix sites, they may still be giving a 20% off gift code. That would be the way to buy it, I think.

    Having had and used the light a little bit now, I can tell you, it is blazingly bright. BUT, the throw on the smaller and lighter PD35 is much greater. So if you want a blazing sun in your hand for a more floody light, TK35US 2018 is awesome. If you want throw, with a bright spill, PD35. For outdoor stuff like hiking and camping, I have been packing the PD35. TK35 maybe only for car camping.

    To throw in the vehicle to light up something you may be working on, the TK would be awesome. Overkill for close work on the higher settings. But super long run time on medium and low.
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    I have the Fenix headlamp. I was issued it for work. I give it two thumbs up. :D
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