Feral Pig Hunting

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    Not to brag, but I am one hell of a great hog hunter. I don't care what anyone else says about pigs being smart. In my way of looking at things, I find them easy and stupid. Hogs are pack or community animals and competitive. They noisy at what they do as a group, and what they do in a group is fight, mate, eat, and look for something to eat or mate, and fight while they do it. All you need to hunt hogs is a water source. Ponds are better than swamps or streams for localizing them, and some steady wind. Keep the wind in your face as you move from pond to pond and move damn slow and quietly. Hogs will hear and smell you if you give them a chance and flee away from you. Just move slow until you hear them, then move slower. When I get within 50 yards I shoot a big one in the head. I have lost lots of hogs early on shooting them anywhere else that would drop most anything else. Hogs got stamina when hit in the body. They will run off and die when hit in the boiler room with a load that would drop a full grown buffalo. Fat will also plug the hole and make tracking impossible. I often use a .54 cal muzzleloader, but also use a .308 with 150 or 165 grain soft points. Both seem to properly get the job done. They seldom go 10 feet when I hit them in the side of the head or the eye socket close from the front. JMHO of course
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