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    The Little-Covered Aspect of the Unrest in Ferguson: The Alarming Militarization of Local Police (PHOTOS) | TheBlaze.com

    Not sure if you have been following this... but SHTF in Ferguson.....
    The town was actually locked down from people trying to travel to the town to loot or otherwise cause issues, by the local law enforcement. Do you still think that LEO's being converted into quasi military units is beneficial to your community.... because when SFTF in your AO, these are the folks you will first be encountering in the clamp down "for security"..... Thoughts?
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    Jesse Jackson: There's a 'Ferguson' near you
    I actually think this is well said... though I detest Jesse's politics and race baiting... this article rings true for the most part on the state of our nation. We need to have a vision, unity and a common bond as a nation.... which we do not have that today. Our current leaders pursue divisiveness to achieve political gains... and that needs to stop, or the nation will rise up once again, against each other. But in what context, what would we fight for as a nation, that would coalesce us into a bond as a countryman once more.... not sure..... what say you?
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    Without the racial dissatisfaction, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and all the rest of the race baiters would be out of business. There would be nothing for CNN or MSNBC to report on, or should I say Editorialize on. This kind of event just makes it easier for the control freaks to justify the Militarization of the police all over the country.
  4. Yard Dart

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    I guess you could say the battle would be against those that want a constitutional republic based upon the founding fathers of our nation and the constitution they crafted.... and those that think they should take from those that have and give to those that want (communist/socialist/anti-capitalist what have you). And that is a battle that will transpire neighbor to neighbor, let alone community or greater. How do we prevent that from taking place..... ?! I for one think that milestone has passed.... be prepared... and if you are not.... get there!!
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    Browns Rap Sheet, I don't blame the police, He's known.

    Description: Burglary - 1st Degree { Felony B RSMo: 569.160 }
    Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 1401000
    OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

    Description: Armed Criminal Action { Felony Unclassified RSMo: 571.015 }
    Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 3101000
    OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

    Description: Assault 1st Degree - Serious Physical Injury { Felony A RSMo: 565.050 }
    Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 1301100
    OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

    Description: Armed Criminal Action { Felony Unclassified RSMo: 571.015 }
    Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 3101000
    OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD
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    I do not disagree that the individual had a past.... but the interesting part to me is the response to the uproar over his killing.....
    The police essentially shut down this town.... a good primer of how they will operate in the future if things go sideways... call it a lesson learned... and that is what I would like to highlight upon. How would you overcome your local LEO shutting down primary routes in and out, and disorder in general.... a primer per se on what you would do to bypass these things, you know they are going to happen locally to some degree in societal collapse either through local events or larger scale "problems"....
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    You hunker down, in place... with your shotgun, by your side, and ANYONE knocking on the Door, is told, They are Trespassing, You are Armed, to the teeth, and they are 10 Seconds from Death, if they do NOT leave your property, Immediately...... and you work out of your 72 Hour Kit.... until either, the "All Clear" Or, you "Bug Out, in Force".....

    You have given 'No Cause" for ANY LE to invade your Home. Heller & McDonald, back up, your "RIGHT" to have Arms, inside your Home, Loaded and Ready to use, in Defense, of You, Your Family, and your Stuff, PERIOD. You are minding your Own Business, and ANY, and ALL, Outsiders coming On your Property, can be considered Trespassers, Including LE of ANY Stripe. You inform ANYONE who does enter Your Property, they are Trespassing, and If they LIVE, You will prosecute them, for Criminal Trespass, (A Felony, in most Jurisdictions) just as soon as they recover from their wounds, AND there are available LE, to effect the arrest.
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    In my situation I hunker down and provide a defense in place. Do I answer the knock at the door, not a chance. I have the defensive position, and I will not give away my position or defensive posture. Any information you proclaim, is more than they had when they knocked on the door. If they decide to take down the door, voodoo on them. Do you have a means to re-enforce that doorway once you knockdown the intruders... that is the next step to reinforce your position once action has taken place... always think about your preps in multiple steps... if he breaks my door, what am I going to do to reinforce or limit entry?! Your 72 hour kit has been previously prepared and you have your escape route if there are overwhelming numbers..... IMO
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  9. Yard Dart

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    Have you thought about 3/4 inch plywood for your windows... especially on your main level if you have a multi-story housing. If you have a breach, do you have the means to reinforce a window or doorway to counter the next action. Have you reinforced your doorway now to prepare for doorway breeches... there are many products out there to reinforce hinges and lock sets from rams and such... think it through.. then follow through with action... now is the time to prepare vs when the mob is at your door trying to rob you... or take you out.

    As a prep, I have cut plywood for interior and exterior mounting on every doorway and window, for each floor. If the threat is there, I will reinforce the interior of the doors and windows on the the first floor... ( think grey man as it is hard to discern that there is a protective layer on the interior if you do it right).... Whereas if this event gets really sticky and you want to go to a strong defense, plywood the exterior to create a double barrier to entry into your domain.... always have an escape route and easy egress... never lock it down to where you can not slip away under the right conditions.
  10. ditch witch

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    Been following this since it first broke on another forum. Twitter blew up with a million hashtags for it, including the smarmy
    where the tweeters include some happy crappy photo of themselves as "good boys" to supposedly illustrate how the officer shoving, gun snatching perp was really just out for his daily Skittles and din't mean no harm yo. Also a lovely assortment of tweets to take it to the white neighborhoods and kill white people.

    The town is only about 20,000 population so I can only imagine the destruction if this had happened in a million plus strong city. On the upside, firearm purchases are through the roof over there now.
    Gun Sales Up Across Area « CBS St. Louis

    And it's still escalating
    Flight Restriction Issued After Rioters Shoot At Helicopter | The Daily Caller
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    Not to detract from the conversation but it amazes me how quickly things have broken down. People wonder why stores are being looted and destroyed when they had nothing to do with the shooting. I think there are two types involved in the destroying- 1. people who want free stuff. The others are angry and they are taking their rage out on whatever they come to first. Being a law abiding person the behaviors I am seeing in Ferguson are unacceptable. I am sure some feel justified, some feel this is the only way to get their voices heard.

    I will admit that I do not care for this new shelter in place that the officials are implementing. It is being used more an more. We saw it in Boston then a few months later we saw it during a snow storm, imagine that you could get arrested for being out in a snow storm. As for locking down a town, I just cannot accept that. It seems heavy handed, it seems that they are wanting to not only keep out the trouble makers but also to keep out the independent media.

    Now back to Ferguson. When you throw Jackson and Sharpton in there we get fuel added to the fire. Then yesterday, like clockwork:
    Michael Brown shooting: Obama expresses condolences, calls for ‘reflection’ - The Washington Post

    Once again we have the President chiming in on a black teens death. We see a President speaks out during rioting, not to discourage the behavior but to give a flowery message that neither condemns or accepts the rioting. Now I could play the race card and say if these where whites then......

    I need to think on the issues and questions @Yard Dart has posed. I am watching Ferguson and have yet to think what if it happened here. Currently I am thinking of this in the here and now but as it unfolds and I see the results and tactics then can I really place it in a what if here scenario. (Does that make sense?)
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  12. ditch witch

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    Obama took a pretty big hit on social media for expressing condolences over Robin William's suicide while saying nothing about Brown's shooting. A lot of tweets about "Obama's whack ass" and his apparent lack of concern for kids who look like the son he never had. He's chiming in now, but I suspect he'd rather distance himself from his looting, burning voting block as much as possible.

    Not living in a community rife with the hoodie wearing saggy pants crowd I don't worry about this scenario much, but if I did live in or near a larger town/city/urban metroplex I would be taking hurricane coming precautions every time the cops shot a young male of a certain demographic. Double check preps and Katy bar the door. The LA riots happened before social media was there to pour gasoline on the flames. With today's technology, outside sympathizers and agitators can fuel this sort of nonsense far past it's normal expiration date, and we're getting a good look at what the police/govt response will be.
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  13. ghrit

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    The thing that stands out to me is that this rioting is not a generalized anti gov't expression of dissatisfaction, it's a highly localized inflammation of emotion without knowing the whole story (yet.) I do not endorse the full military reaction, but it's easily seen that the cops had to take some measure of precautions. Beyond stupid (as sheep responses are) that will do nothing useful beyond feeding reporters. TSH not HTF except in a highly local situation.
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  14. VHestin

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    I'm just wondering what stealing a TV has to do with the guy being shot, but what do I know? Maybe the looters just wanna see themselves on TV in style when they get arrested?

    If I remember right, this how the Watts riots started, 'protesting' police 'violence'. I just love how people think they need to 'protest' being treated like thugs by rioting.
  15. Illini Warrior

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    Can't believe this kind of activity hasn't been constant considering the economics and political situation in the country the last 5 years .....

    Now that the bubble has burst .... will it die down or spread to other locations with even more intensity .... there's protests planned in 30+ locations nationwide .... these have notoriously become violent with follow up flash mob attacks on whites ....

    Are we seeing a little footnote of 2014 or history in the making that could re-shape the country .....

    I'm waiting for real violence to get started in these liberal domains .... like CA .... that just about makes getting your hands on a firearm impossible .... people getting killed left & right in home invasions and murdered on every street corner ..... watch the screaming ..... "How am I supposed to defend my family?" ..... "What do you mean it takes 3 months" ..... "The bad guys all have black guns - why can't I buy one?" ..... "I can't buy a box of bullets for grandpa's gun?" ..... and lastly "Where did these stupid gun laws come from?"
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  16. kellory

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    California is FULL of guns, gun nuts, and gun fights. Gun restrictions are pretty useless.
  17. ditch witch

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  18. AmericanRedoubt1776

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    Unfortunately Nanny Statist - Police Statists of the People's Republik of California senate, assembly and Governor Jerry Moon Beam Brown don't see it that way --- each year they pass yet another restrictive gun-grabbing law such as the ammo ban (license-purchase registry - internet ammo purchase restriction): 2013 CA SB 53 - Deleon/Yee Ammunition purchase permits - Page 13 - Calguns.net and several others.

    See bottom of this post for NRA-ILA latest news on what they will vote on tomorrow.

    " It’s even now predictable, that California state senators like Kevin de León are pushing, unconstitutional ammunition and gun owner registration mandates such as Senate Bill 53. No matter that his last ammunition registration scheme, AB 962, was struck down as unconstitutionally vague, by a California court. SB 53 is also co-authored by none other than indicted Senator Leland Yee. The man who was arrested by the FBI, and who is currently on trial for, corruption, as well as conspiracy to import and traffic in illegal firearms. No small deal. As well as it is, a revelation of total hypocrisy, among those who tout “firearm safety.” "
    SB 53: California Legislators Have No Shame | Gunalizer

    This is what I compiled for Conservapedia and TSPWiki:

    "Leland Yee was the Democratic Assistant President pro tempore of the California State Senate, and previously served in the California State Assembly until his March 26, 2014 arrest for gun trafficking and corruption.

    Anti-Second Amendment gun-grabbing (authored a state-wide measure in 2013 that passed both the Senate and the Assembly and was finally vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown to ban all semi-automatic rifles especially the AR-15 and even the diminutive Ruger 10/22) "State Senator Leland Yee was arraigned on seven charges of corruption and firearms trafficking[1] Wednesday, swept up in a broad FBI sting involving more than two dozen people across the Bay Area suspected of selling drugs, smuggling guns[2] and arranging murder for hire[3]." "The allegations against Yee reach back to his losing run for San Francisco mayor in 2011, when he worked with a political consultant named Keith Jackson who at one time served on the San Francisco Unified School District board. Jackson was also arraigned Monday on charges that include involvement in a murder-for-hire scheme and narcotics trafficking." FBI Affidavits[4] "say Lee also introduced another FBI agent posing as a medical marijuana businessman to two state legislators working on the issue in exchange for two contributions totaling $21,000."[5]

    He is the author of video game legislation restricting the sale and distribution of the increasingly violent and graphic video games to children. As a result, he is vilified by the video game addicts on the internet. Senator Yee filed an amicus brief in the case on his California video game legislation pending before the U.S. Supreme Court.[6]

    Senator Yee holds a doctorate degree in Developmental Psychology from the University of Hawaii. Dr. Yee previously served for eight years on the San Francisco Unified School District Board of Education, where he advocated for the improvement of the education system.

    Like many liberals, while being vehemently opposed to the Second Amendment, Senator Yee is an advocate of the First Amendment constitutional right of free speech, authoring legislation to protect teachers from retaliation by administrators as a result of student speech. He has further been praised by increasing access by the public to government documents, earning him the nickname "Senator Sunshine." "
    Leland Yee - The TSP Survival Wiki
    Leland Yee - Conservapedia

    Retreat Potential Ranking Analysis by James Wesley Rawles

    Population: 34 million+. Population Density: 214 per square mile (Rank 1 of JWR’s top 19 states). Area: 158,706 square miles (rank 3 of 50). Average car insurance cost: $765/yr. (rank 23 of 50). Average home insurance cost: $592/yr. (rank 9 of 50), Crime Safety Ranking: 39 of 50.

    Boston T. Party’s state firearms laws ranking from Boston's Gun Bible: 30%.


    Per capita income: $32,149 (rank 8 of 50). ACT & SAT Scores Ranking: 37 of 50. [5][6]

    Mild climate and a long growing seasons in most parts of the state. High wages. [5]

    Excessive population density, high crime rate, copious smog, high cost of living, aggravating traffic, earthquake prone, over-inflated real estate prices, expensive building permits, restrictive zoning, high sales tax (as much as 8.5% in some counties!), draconian gun control laws, MTBE-tainted municipal and well water, high income and property taxes, multiple terrorist and WWIII targets, mediocre public schools, a cluttered radio spectrum, a state budget crisis that has reduced the state’s bonds to junk bond status, a proliferation of anti-small business and environmental regulations, exploding illegal immigration, anti-home schooling legislators, expensive car registration, high car insurance rates, the highest worker’s compensation insurance cost in the nation ($5.23 per $100 in payroll!), high health insurance rates, a very litigious and biased court system, and an ever-expanding socialistic Nanny State. California K-to-12 students ranks 48th of the 50 states in academics. California is definitely not recommended, except perhaps for those committed to the anti-gun pacifist school of survivalism and willing to home school their kids, and then only if you live in the most remote portions of the state--far northern California. (Such as Humboldt, Modoc, or Trinity County) or perhaps the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.(Such as the Bishop or Lone Pine areas.) JWR’s Combined Retreat Potential Ranking: 19 of 19.

    JWR adds: I included California in my rankings of 19 states partly to show some contrasts to the other states listed. Because so many SurvivalBlog readers live in California, I hope that this serves as encouragement for them to "vote with their feet."[5]

    Source: California - The TSP Survival Wiki

    California: Anti-Gun Bills Expected to be Heard in the Senate and Assembly Appropriations Committees This Week

    Members of Senate and Assembly Appropriations Committees MUST Hear

    Three anti-gun bills are expected to be heard in the Senate and Assembly Appropriations Committees this Thursday, August 14 or Friday, August 15. It is CRITICAL that EVERY gun owner, sportsman and Second Amendment supporter in California call AND e-mail members of the Senate and Assembly Appropriations Committees urging them to OPPOSE SB 580, SB 808 and AB 1014. Tell state legislators that criminals do not respect or obey current firearm laws and they will simply ignore any new firearm laws, so let’s try a new strategy and protect law-abiding gun owners.

    Contact information for members of the Senate Appropriations Committee can be found here.

    Contact information for members of the Assembly Appropriations Committee can be found here.

    Anti-Gun Bill to be heard in the Senate Appropriations Committee this Thursday, August 14 or Friday, August 15:

    Assembly Bill 1014 would allow law enforcement officers to acquire an "emergency gun violence restraining order" against any person by showing only "reasonable cause" that the person is dangerous. Additionally, the bill would allow an “immediate family member” of an individual or a law enforcement officer to petition to have a “gun violence restraining order” issued against an individual. Notably these provisions would prohibit a “dangerous” person from possessing firearms, but would do nothing to help treat the cause of the person’s condition. Current law already provides a mechanism for committing dangerous persons in an emergency situation, which already results in the committed person being prohibited from possessing firearms. This bill's low evidentiary standards and lack of a mechanism for individuals to present their own defense before being deprived of their constitutional rights fail to meet American standards for due process of law. Just as restraining orders are abused in other contexts, the proposed "gun violence restraining orders" can be easily abused and issued in cases where officers lack sufficient evidence for an arrest, but wish to deprive an individual of their right to bear arms. We all know how hard it is to get something back or even corrected after the government seizes it, so it's important for gun owners to have the opportunity to put on their own defense before losing their Second Amendment rights.

    Anti-Gun Bills to be heard in the Assembly Appropriations Committee this Thursday, August 14 or Friday, August 15:

    Senate Bill 580 would divert millions of dollars from the “Firearms Safety and Enforcement Fee” (FSE Fee) to fund general law enforcement activities (such as performing law enforcement “contacts” based on the Armed Prohibited Persons System [APPS]), even though only a minuscule portion of legal firearm purchasers actually end up in that system. The original purpose of the FSE Fee was to provide funding for training, testing, and other costs directly related to the implementation of the Handgun Safety Certificate program.

    Again, the state Department of Justice (DOJ) is raiding gun owner funds to pay for their programs. In the last three years, approximately $30 million was appropriated from the Dealers’ Record of Sale Special Account (DROS Fund) for use in APPS and APPS-related law enforcement activities. Though exact expenditure figures are not available to the public, there is likely at least $15 million dollars left to be spent from that appropriation. Why does DOJ need more money?

    Senate Bill 808 would make it a crime under California law for an individual to manufacture a firearm without first obtaining California Department of Justice approval to do so and subsequently engraving a DOJ-provided serial number on the firearm. Recently, this legislation was amended to also target 3D printed firearms by requiring exactly 3.7 ounces of 17-4 PH stainless steel to be included in any firearm “manufactured or assembled from polymer plastic.” Federal law already requires all firearms in the United States be detectable by magnetometer or x-ray screening, so it’s unclear why 3.7 ounces of a very specific and expensive steel must be included in every firearm that individuals make for personal use. This legislation should be opposed because it will effectively nullify the long-standing and constitutionally protected activity of building one’s own firearms. Additionally, SB 808 will promote the destruction and devaluation of existing firearms without any tangible public safety benefit.

    ALSO, please call AND e-mail your state Senator and Assemblyman to OPPOSE the following bills on the Senate and Assembly floor. On the Assembly floor: Senate Bill 53 Senate Bill 199

    On the Senate floor: Assembly Bill 1609 Assembly Bill 2310

    To read more about the bills above, please click here. NRA-ILA | Time is Running Out in Sacramento

    The 2014 legislative session is expected to adjourn at the end of this month, so this legislation will move quickly. You must move even quicker to spread the word to your family, friends, fellow gun owners and sportsmen in California urging them to call AND e-mail their state Senator and Assemblyman to OPPOSE the anti-gun bills above.

    Assembly Appropriations Committee Members

    Asm. Chris R. Holden

    Asm. Mike Gatto (Chair) (916) 319-2043

    (916) 319-2041

    Asm. Frank Bigelow (Vice Chair)

    Asm. Brian W. Jones

    (916) 319-2005

    (916) 319-2071

    Asm. Raul Bocanegra

    Asm. Eric Linder

    (916) 319-2039

    (916) 319-2060

    Asm. Steven Bradford

    Asm. Richard Pan

    (916) 319-2062

    (916) 319-2009

    Asm. Bill Quirk

    Asm. Ian C. Calderon

    (916) 319-2020

    (916) 319-2057

    Asm. Sebastian Ridley

    Asm. Nora Campos

    (916) 319-2054

    (916) 319-2027

    Asm. Donald P. Wagner

    Asm. Tim Donnelly

    (916) 319-2068

    (916) 319-2033

    Asm. Shirley N. Weber

    Asm. Susan Talamantes Eggman

    (916) 319-2079

    (916) 319-2013
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    You are preaching to the choir. I left California behind @20 years ago. It is the only places I have had to exchange gunfire with gang bangers. I would be dead a few times over without access to my guns. The only good gun rule of californacation is the castle law. And some version of it should be the standard all over the country.
    In short" you mess with my home, my property, or my family....I can kill you.":)
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