Ferro rod handle-Leburnum.

Discussion in 'Bushcraft' started by sticks65, Nov 19, 2010.

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    I've just finished making a chunky Laburnum handle for a ferro rod blank.

    You have to be careful when using laburnum as its not good to get the dust into your lungs or eyes so I wore a face mask and goggles.

    It was very easy to make,I used a hand saw to cut it to size then shaped it on my bench sander.

    I drilled an 8mm hole as thats the diameter of the ferro rod,then glued it in place using epoxy resin.

    It has a 6mm brass lanyard tube and good quality para cord with a striker.




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    Very Nice Work

    That handle looks very good.

    Have you ever thought about selling something like that?
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  5. sticks65

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    Not really,I just do them for fun and when Ive bought ferro rods in the past they come with nasty plastic handles or you pay an arm and a leg to get a wood or antler one.

    My way of thinking is the handles are very easy to make,shape the wood and drill a couple of holes,a little glue and the jobs done.

    This is the main reason I posted this to get others to play about and make there own.
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