Feudalism... aka American Capitalism

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    Here's a good, free, online book.

    Download the whole thing here.

    or just read it online. Table of Contents

    Some of the issues covered in the book are listed below:

    • why the number of American billionaires suddenly doubled in 1986, quadrupled by 1987, and by 1990 was nearly eight-fold!!...while at the same time, the number of soup kitchens and street beggars increased dramatically throughout the country
    • how and why the richest 1 (one ) percent have come to own more wealth than the combined wealth of the bottom 90 (ninety) percent
    • why the elected Congress continues to pass discriminating tax shelter laws that make the rich richer and the poor poorer
    • why and how voters have been left with less influence than lobbyists
    • why so many of America's politicians can openly break the law ...but remain virtually immune from prosecution
    • why Wall Street has been preoccupied with leveraged buyouts and mergers, and how they are fleecing the country
    • why the price of housing has increased to the extent that owning a home is no longer an expectation for many
    • why workers' wages are steadily dropping, and why America's manufacturing plants continue to close down
    • why the baby boomers may not have a pension when they retire
    • why the education system is graduating functional illiterates
    • why 200 American banks and 226 Savings and Loan thrift institutions (S&L's) failed in 1988 alone
    • why and how the media is being used to misinform the public
    • why the American government befriends so many dictators
    • why the American Dream of the 50's has turned into the American Nightmare of the 80's
    • why the defense budgets are so huge, ...but still get passed
    • why a Hollywood actor and a small-town peanut farmer were elected to the highest office
    • why America has sold military weapons to both Iran and Iraq
    • why the Allies have helped Israel to forcibly eject Palestinians from land that they (the Palestinians) had occupied for at least the past two thousand years

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