FIAT EMPIRE: Why The FED Violates the Constitution

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Brokor, Apr 4, 2011.

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    All that is true but to put it into layman's language and into a "nutshell": The banks are manipulating the gub, it's policies, interest rates, and thus the entire fabric of our society. Thomas Jefferson said that banks were more dangerous than standing armies--that they would eventually own our homes and property through inflation/depression should we allow them to take us off the Gold reserve system.
    Soon the INTEREST on the debt will be larger than the defense budget. Interest is money we pay to guess who---the banks and those holding loans to us. In other words--they are siphoning off the wealth of America and our future.
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    Yup. And this is what inflation amounts to: a hidden tax. Since the monetary system is 100% controlled, it is therefore acceptable to say that the aggregation of wealth into the hands of the few is no mistake. It is a grand design, and its genius should not be easily brushed to the side.
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    Hm. Lessee. You borrow "money" from a publicly owned bank. (NB: NOT a privately held bank.) You pay interest on it. The interest becomes income to the bank. (That's only one way the bank earns, ya see.) The earnings are aggregated, then the business expenses are taken out. That leaves some profit for the bank owners. (Stockholders, ya know.) What passes for profits are then distributed to stockholders as dividends. (Which, of course, are taxed.) Seems like the way to offset some of the interest expense (on your house, that's deductible, other interest, eh, not so much.) So the message is don't borrow "money" except for your house, and buy bank stocks so your dividends offset some of the mortgage interest. Then, as part owner (one share of stock won't break you and gets you a vote) you get to exercise the privilege of saying yea or nay when the elections for bank officers happens and they want to increase their salaries.

    Or just don't borrow or use banks, if that trips your trigger.

    Don't you just love capitalism in a republic?

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    Brokor, thank you THANK YOU (x 3 to the 100th power)for posting this!!! I just ordered the DVD for a lesson on the Fed, the 16th amendment, FDR's gold confiscation and Nixon's axing of the gold standard. I'm euphoric!!

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!![boozingbuddies][boozingbuddies][boozingbuddies][applaud][applaud][freedom][freedom][beer]
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