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Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by RightHand, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. RightHand

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    The thread about horses made mention of using animal fibers for goods and that made me think - how many people know how to spin, weave, knit, sew?

    I'm fortunate that I'm one who sews and knits. I have a loom that I used years ago which I could resurrect is needed. I don't spin but I think I could pick it up pretty quickly if I had a a wheel. Wheels and looms would command a premium price in a TEOTWAWKI situation. For that matter, having spinning, weaving, sewing ability would certainly be a valuable skill to barter.

    We all have our BOBs and in-home storages but how about gaining skills on the more traditional home art skills that might be needed.
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  2. E.L.

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    Good idea RH. My better-half is very talented with a needle and thread, a sewing machine, and knitting also. Though she hasn't done so in years, I am sure she could pick right up where she left off. Mechanical sewing machines I am sure go for a premium as antiques. It sure would be a good barter item though. My wife needs to pass her talents on to our daughters.
  3. RightHand

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    That's the key
  4. snowbyrd

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    My wife and I are picking up her mom's singer treadel machine, 60 or so yrs old,,,,, hey no power needed except your legs. [touchdown]

    Tanning, leather work, harness repair, quilting bees, barn raisings.

    Skills and things that bring the 'community' together.

    I'd hate to butcher a hog alone,,, help me for some of the meat?

    Black smithing, wood cutting sans chainsaw.

    Lots to think of .....

    TNX snowbyrd [winkthumb]
  5. FalconDance

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    I'm a spinster (in the "I know how to spin" manner ;)). I've also been known to make my own dye for said yarn by natural means. Oddly enough, our sons' ability at computer and console games gave them the hand-to-eye coordination to be able to spin, as well, at an early age (took me a lot longer to learn!). Our daughter, however, though she knows how to spin, is far too impatient to sit and produce any thread.

    Sewing is a breeze. Knitting drives me nuts, but I can crochet and do every sort of needlework as well as weave though I have no loom at present.
  6. Bear

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    This is a great thread...
    Picking up the skills and the tools now... will be alot easier than during a "slide" down to ... or in a really bad SHTFS....
    I've noticed that tools and hand or foot powered machinery is drastically rising in cost.... could be because of a surge in interest in the old ways... or it could just be that those items are becoming pretty rare or more and more folks hold on to them....
    I'm pretty good with needle and thread... learning to sew myself... and I've figured out a way to belt drive my machine....
    But make sure to pick up the necessary belts or belt material and wheels and pulleys necessary....
    Cordage and weaving is another thing I make sure to practice every once in a while... keep that muscle memory going...
    Picked up a Tippman hand stitcher a while ago... heavy duty stitcher for things up to saddles....
    Also picked up heavy saws, draw knives, spoke shaves, metal files, hammers etc.... all those tools are easy to find and pretty inexpensive now... including forges that use coal or charcoal and blowers that are hand powered.....
    And... even thought time is precious... there's more of it now to learn... than when you really need to do a job or make a repair...

    I do wish I was better at sewing.... I always pick up good thread and needles when I pass it in the store.... a couple bucks... but I bet it will really tough to find..... oh and those needle threaders... my eyes aren't what they used to be....[LMAO]
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