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    Here is a bit of new fiction. I posted this on WhenSHTF and received a great response. I'm very interested in seeing how you guys like it.

    Thanks for reading.

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    This is a joke, right?
  3. Encourager

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    Just spent the entire evening reading this story. I must admit, I skipped through a lot of the ranting about Christianity. I guess the sad thing is, to me, your complete lack of knowledge about what it means to be a Christian. I don't think that anything I have to say will change your mind.
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    Diddo on the christianity.
    I'd suggest finding a book in that library that explains how a transformer works. "intricate parts gummed up by ash". lol
    Remove any data your not sure about. Statements like the transformer one, make me question what else you said as fact.
    Cut at least half of the rants out. I got about 60% through it and had all i wanted.
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    After Yellowstone

    I am 1/3 of the way through and I am enjoying the read, so far. As a fiction book, this works for me--fiction doesn't have to be 100% accurate to be enjoyable. The guy who is commenting on technical issues has probably never read Harry Potter!

    One thing I would suggest as a Graphic Designer is that you close up the leading between lines a little--too much white space makes it harder to read in a PDF. Also, I would set "flash-backs" in italics to better differentiate between memories and current story line.

    I look forward to reading the remainder!
  6. Byte

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    Great piece of fiction! I like your sentence and writing structure. This was a much faster and easier read than either One Second After or Lights out. Both are great stories but I felt the writing was more cumbersome than yours. I just read the Deep Winter trilogy found in another thread here and I am thoroughly enjoying the disaster theme in the Northwest.

    I've got no argument with how you portrayed anybody, event, or concept in the story. I don't tell my dentist how to fix my teeth either... Having said all that, let me stick my foot in my mouth and say this; it's too short! Give me more. No more needs to be added, of course. The story is great as is but I can see this as an 800 page novel on the shelf at the corner bookstore. Maybe a trilogy? [beer]

    Anyway, thanks for posting this. If you have any more stories I'd be interested in reading them.

  7. Jeff Thomson

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    Just for the record, below is a selected bibliography of sources I used in researching this novel. It is not, nor is it meant to be a complete list. There were quite a few more, including a half-dozen documentaries on the yeallowstone supervolcano and its possible aftereffects. I do not include this as an argument against those who have disagreed or who have posted negative comments. Truth is, I want people to disagree with me, so that I can make this the best book possible. I have included this bibliography as a resource so that you, the readers, can if you wish, find out for yourselves. Thanks again for reading.

    Selected Bibliography
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    Author’s Addendum
    In addition to the sources listed here, I made liberal use of the Internet, where I found a surprising (and disturbing) number of things, including the recipe for napalm and how to make a claymore mine. Makes you wonder what your kids are looking at, doesn’t it?

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    I disagree with your politics and religion but thats ok. I understand people out there have different views. I mean really, If everyone believed like me then thered be no chance of collapse. And wheres the fun in that?
    Again, Id say, remove any data your not positive about. Theres a reason I havent read harry potter! I want a survival story thats as technicaly accurate as possible. There are a ton of ways you could have killed the power that could actualy happen. But not ash gumming up transformers. :rolleyes:
    Transformer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    They have no moving parts.....
  9. Jeff Thomson

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    The general consensus is that in the event of an eruption of Yellowstone, power throughout much of the country would go out. I will grant you that transformers do not have moving parts, but they can be and are effected by volcanic ash. Here's a quote from the USGS site:

    Some Effects of Volcanic Ash

    When volcanic ash accumulates on buildings, its weight can cause roofs to collapse, killing and injuring people. A dry layer of ash 4 inches thick weighs 120 to 200 pounds per square yard, and wet ash can weigh twice as much. The load of ash that different roofs can withstand before collapsing varies greatly—flat roofs are more likely to collapse than steeply pitched ones. ​

    Because wet ash conducts electricity, it can cause short circuits and failure of electronic components, especially high-voltage circuits and transformers. Power outages are common in ash-fall areas, making backup power systems important for critical facilities, such as hospitals.

    Eruption clouds and ash fall commonly interrupt or prevent telephone and radio communications in several ways, including physical damage to equipment, frequent lightning (electrical discharges), and either scattering or absorption of radio signals by the heated and electrically charged ash particles. ​

    Volcanic ash can cause internal-combustion engines to stall by clogging air filters and also damage the moving parts of vehicles and machinery, including bearings and gears. Engines of jet aircraft have suddenly failed after flying through clouds of even thinly dispersed ash. Roads, highways, and airport runways can be made treacherous or impassable because ash is slippery and may reduce visibility to near zero. Cars driving faster than 5 miles per hour on ash-covered roads stir up thick clouds of ash, reducing visibility and causing accidents. ​

    Ash also clogs filters used in air-ventilation systems to the point that airflow often stops completely, causing equipment to overheat. Such filters may even collapse from the added weight of ash, allowing ash to invade buildings and damage computers and other equipment cooled by circulating outside air. Agriculture can also be affected by volcanic ash fall. Crop damage can range from negligible to severe, depending on the thickness of ash, type and maturity of plants, and timing of subsequent rainfall. For farm animals, especially grazing livestock, ash fall can lead to health effects, including dehydration, starvation, and poisoning. ​

    Like airborne particles from duststorms, forest fires, and air pollution, volcanic ash poses a health risk, especially to children, the elderly, and people with cardiac or respiratory conditions, such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema. ​

    The best time for communities, businesses, and homeowners to make preparations for a rain of volcanic ash is before an eruption occurs. When an explosive eruption does occur, warning of advancing ash clouds may precede actual ash fall by only minutes or hours. By developing community emergency-response plans that can be activated when a volcano is threatening to erupt, the harmful and disruptive effects of ash can be greatly reduced. So that the public can be warned of impending eruptions and advancing ash clouds, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and cooperating organizations operate instrument networks that monitor more than 40 active volcanoes in the United States.​

    Here's the link. Check it out for yourself.​

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    The story was well written and interesting, and I found it enjoyable. However, it would have been better without the rants. Keep at it and you well get the hang of this writing thing, eventually!
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