Fiction - The Fall of Europe - is finished!!!

Discussion in 'Survival Reading Room' started by SHTeconomy, Jul 9, 2010.

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    Thanks for posting. Since it is all available here at your link in the first post, I deleted the others which were just updates as you wrote it.
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    Hasn't been here since August, 2010, and hasn't posted on his own site since early December, 2010.

    He ran around a bunch of websites last summer "come read my stuff".....and then flamed out in the middle of a couple stories.

    His choice, of course. But I really hate starting a book only to find somebody ripped the back half of it out and threw it away......
  4. tacmotusn

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    The entire story "the Fall of Europe", is available at the link on the first post. For those who might want to read it.
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    Yeah, I was referring to his sequel, when the guy gets home to the States, and another couple stories there.
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    Ah, I liked this one. Is there any chance of a complete PDF?

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