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    Thanks for the links SLugo

    Thanks for the links in posts 1 & 2. The 9th Inf Div manuals, date back to WWII, and are perhaps more of historical interest than contemporary applicability, but having said that, I am sure there are also some prepping gems to be found amongst them.. I can recall discovering a website that had extracts of American I think WWI field manuals on field engineering, and they had some really useful information on constructing barbed wire, and other kinds of field expedient obstacles, useful for retereat defence in a more TETWAWKI environment.

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    I am looking for a WWII manual TM-396 Training War Dogs. I have been able to locate a copy of the cover but wold like to have the entire manual.

    I am researching for a book on the history of the use of sled dogs, mainly Malamutes, in WWII. These dogs were used for SAR and carrying supplies in the northern areas.

    The were NOT used as patrol dogs (except for one which was in the Pacific Theatre of War. Most were used in the European Theatre.

    Any leads would be appreciated.

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    Thanks for the resources.
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    THANK YOU!!!!! Awesome!

    You are great!

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    Thanks for the links
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