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    Was it all planned....a dependence on the .gov when 60%+ of the population is obese? You have an obesity epidemic, which then gives way to the erosion of liberty in the form of govt. control over just another facet of your life: eating. And if you're a proponent of eating healthy, they will shut that source of dissension down.

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    Intent or incompetence ?

    I found this while doing a search on the govt. food pyramid:

    Nathan Pritikin developed a low-fat, low-protein and high-complex
    carbohydrate diet in the 1970s due to his obesity and clogged
    arteries. His program required a very low-calorie diet and was
    strictly against the use of any vitamin, minerals or other
    supplements. He reversed both of these conditions but died of suicide
    at the age of 60 years after battling leukemia, cancer of the bone
    marrow. Studies have now shown that his low-fat, low-protein diet
    causes cancer. He was warned by others that his diet had less vitamin
    E than minimum standards. It was also deficient in essential amino
    acids and essential fatty acids. His book was titled Permanent
    Weight-Loss Manual, and indeed he had a permanent weight loss, 100%.
    Patients at his Centre for Longevity who followed the diet and didn't
    cheat also suffered a multitude of other medical problems. This failed
    diet plan is described in the book Beyond Pritikin by Ann Louise
    Gittleman, former Pritikin Institute nutritionist. She now proposes an
    opposite diet which is high-protein, high-fat and low-carbohydrates in
    her book, Eat Fat, Lose Weight.

    Nathan Pritikin's diet program did result in low-cholesterol, but new
    studies have shown that a person with low-cholesterol has an increased
    risk of committing suicide. Perhaps his low-cholesterol as well as his
    leukemia contributed to his death by suicide.

    What were Nathan Pritikin's credentials? He was a mechanical engineer.
    He had no nutritional education. He had no studies. He tested his
    theories on himself and those who attended his clinic in California.

    Senator George McGovern attended the Pritikin clinic and was sold on
    the diet as the foundation for human nutrition. Upon returning to
    Washington, D.C., Senator McGovern used the Senate committee he headed
    to investigate and recommend changes in nutrition. He was very biased,
    and scientists, physicians and nutritionist who were opposed to the
    high-carbohydrate, low-fat, low-cholesterol diet were blocked from
    testifying before the committee. The plan was passed to other US
    government agencies and became known as our present day "Food Guide
    Pyramid" with absolutely no hard scientific evidence to support it.
    The last 30 years have proven the plan to be a hazard to one's health
    and should never be followed by anyone. The United States government
    has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in research grants trying
    unsuccessfully to prove that saturated fat causes heart disease only
    to find that those who ate the most saturated fat are the most active
    and healthy. Some fraudulent studies exist condemning saturated fat,
    but the real villain in the diet was ignored, carbohydrates.

    The Low-Fat Diet has been a Deadly and Costly Experiment. The human
    pain, misery, disease, early death and financial cost to societies
    around the world caused by Senator George McGovern's campaign against
    animal protein and animal fats are beyond measure, and the climax to
    this dilemma is still years into the future. Millions of people in
    English speaking countries including the United States, Canada, United
    Kingdom and Australia have died an early death from the complication
    of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and the complication of
    inflammatory bowel diseases as a result. Yet, Senator McGovern's
    campaign did not even warrant a line item description in the national
    budget. It became the official government diet recommendation with the
    hardy support of all the food manufacturers that turn carbohydrates
    and trans fats into stuff they call food.

    The health care industries are about to enter a "melt down" as health
    costs skyrocket from the onslaught of sickness brought on by the
    constant plea to "reduce the consumption of red meat and saturated
    fat." The 20 to 30 year delays in the onset of disease has begun to
    attack the "baby boomers." More and more people are unable to afford
    health care insurance. Companies are dumping more and more of the
    health care benefits back onto the employee. Health Maintenance
    Organizations (HMOs) are increasing rates at a pace three to five
    times the rate of inflation, but they still struggle to make a profit.
    Government health plans are heading for financial bankruptcy.
    Governments are frozen in their current policies unable to reverse
    direction or fight the power of the food manufacturing lobby. The
    health care crisis is still gathering momentum.

    Meanwhile, pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturing
    companies are turning out new drugs and new machines which mainly
    serve to cover up the symptoms for a short duration. These new
    products serve only to dump increased cost into the failing system.

    Diabetes, Obesity on Rise in U.S., Statistics Show "Diabetes rates are
    shooting up in the United States, with a 27 percent increase between
    1997 and 2002, according to official government statistics."

    Bachelor of Science
    Mechanical Engineering
    Correcting the mistakes of an earlier engineer.
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    The Greeks had already figured out the secret to happiness and health in life better than twenty-five hundred years ago, when they inscribed Apollo's Temple with the two dictums "Know Thyself" and "Nothing In Excess" (All things in moderation). Most of our personal and societal ills would disappear if those two dictums could be followed. (Sadly, even the Greeks couldn't follow their own advice.)

    Totally cutting out, or over indulging in, any of the food groups will lead to problems. I steer away from any diet plan that severely restricts any one dietary element.
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