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    For every Guggi plan, there's probably a no frills one...

    For every Guggi plan, there's probably a no frills one just as good.

    It looks like the Gucci option list....I'm sure that there are no frills options that would fill the bill just as effectively without utterly destroying the bank balance.

    Project Appleseed - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    before taking on expensive training on tactical use of firearms...perhaps some elementary training on safe handling and marksmanship. Appleseed and NRA resources might be useful to follow up on. With the competency and confidence that basic training offers, more advanced training will be easier to acquire and the trainee will have a better idea what might represent value for money if they want to go that route.
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    Like I is cost prohibitive. It's just for ideas.........
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    Unk taught a lot of us quite well and some fought as they trained.

    A course is definitely a lot better than nothing; however, it is difficult to match military training and a few combat tours.
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    Understood....I wasn't criticising you Guit, and the article raises some interesting and valid a grab bag of ideas, it makes a good basis for adaptation to particular circumstances. I have seen in a number of blog articles that look at firearm acquisition from the point of view of good, better, best options.

    Good, being no frills cheap but otherwise reliable and serviceable. Like, for instance a bolt action Mauser 98, Moisin Nagant, Brit .303 SMLE, etc...

    better and best representing qualitative / capability upgrades, usually with associated increases in investment costs.

    The same may be broadly applicable in other areas of equipment acquisition.

    Better to have economical but serviceable stuff that is on hand immediately, and that is within one's budget, than the impossible dream of Gucci gear that will for ever be just outside of one's financial grasp.
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