Fighting the military?

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    A video that may be worth wile looking at.. Interesting perspectives..

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    I don't know anything about this guy, but two things come to mind.

    1. Anyone retired from the service knows exactly how many years they have on active duty. This guy can't seem to pin it down.

    2. Military members that spend most of their time in Special Ops, rarely tell anyone they spent most of their time in Special Ops and if they do, they don't put it on You Tube.

    Other than that I don't have an opinion one way or the other, it's just a guy talking for a long time.

    I am not a fan of the American Flag being disrespected in the background however. Not a lot of folks I know that retired from the Armed Forces would do that.

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    PsyOps and Civil affairs are subordinate to USASOC, so that technically makes them special operations. The guys like this who seem to passively (but conspicuously) mention they were "special operations" tend to be from one of those 2 units.
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    Lot of talk that could have been said in 2-3 minutes. We all know that the military cannot be taken on heads up. We all know that fixed positions will be swiftly overrun by overwhelming power. We all know that one cannot hide mobile forces from prying eyes. With those absolutes different tactics will have to be used should the need arise. Hopefully the first and second "boxes" will eliminate that need.
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    I guess he likes to hear himself talk, maybe thinks he's important.
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    I would agree with the idea that there is too much aggression in our daily lives, and screaming obscenities, at people we disagree with is useless. I was taught to walk away from a fight (in person) if you could, but if you were forced to fight, fight to win. Standing toe to toe trading obscenities, or throwing red paint on furs, just makes people hate you and what you stand for.
    I would make a poor soldier, because when someone starts screaming in my face, I start thinking about just how hard to hit them, to where to strike to stop the screaming.
    I'm an easy going, hard working guy. But I am so tired of rude, aggressive people, it makes it hard to remain civilized. I have a strong sense of right and wrong, and will not give ground when confronted. I believe giving ground, encourages more abuse, and I used to get into a lot of fights when someone got too pushy. I took martial arts to calm down my natural response to pushy, rude people.
    I do not agree with every view of this guy, but we as a people disrespect our own way too much. weather it's the "do it my way or get the hell out" crowd, or the guy who cranks his stereo at the gas station right next to you, or the politicians who try to impinge upon our Rights. There is an arrogance, that revolts, and offends me.
    No one will EVER get the result he wants from me, by screaming at me, or insulting me. There is a PITA at my work, that has no idea just how close to a knee capping he is, and he runs marathons, cycles, swims, and teaches martial arts. He is a very active guy, bigger, in shape, and aggressive. But none of that matters if he continues to make it a physical confrontation. Aggression, works against your stated goals, when trying to deal with people. I prefer to use logic, persuasion, and facts, but I am, by nature, a man out of an earlier time. I am not PC. Honor, and a Man's Word, matter to me. But when pushed too far, I scare myself.
    There are far too many rude people on this dirt-ball, and most of it is not necessary.

    (It makes me wouldn't like me when I'm angry.....[troll])
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    Know why I like this group.. Points that caught my interest was that we need to have the majority of the troops on our side.. About 1990, there was the survey being passed around camp Pendalton about confiscating firearms.. It was brought to light by one of the troops and there was a strong reaction among the gun culture and the military at the time. I question if we would see the same reaction from the troops today, so we need to win them over. It is the political soldier and those that place personal needs and desires over honor and oath that are the ones to be concerned with.
    Local law enforcement should be our friends. Even in my small community I have run into a couple officers that had been less than friendly. Have a cousin that is a member of swat in a state back east. You will not find a nicer, more honorable man.. These people live in our towns , down the street, next door to us. We should be able to tell what side they stand on. They should be able to point at you and say that you are honorable and trust worthy.
    One of the last statements was that most all of us do not know anyone in the military. This ID's who he is trying to communicate with.. Former military and those of us that have youngsters in the military, know what the deal is. HE is talking to the clueless.. As stated before, I take everything with that grain of salt...

    Lord am wordy tonight.. Sorry!!
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