Film: Operation Finale

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    Film: Operation Finale
    Actors: Ben Kingsley, Oscar Isaac
    Recommendation: :5s: (5-stars)

    Synopsis: How a group of Israeli secret agents arrested notorious SS officer Adolf Eichmann - the man who masterminded the "Final Solution" - in Argentina.

    Note: Eichmann was responsible for organizing transport of Jews by rail to the concentration camps and those actions (among others) were part of the basis of the guilty verdict handed down by the Israeli court. This relationship is not explicitly stated in the movie. Think of him as a Program Manager or Transport Manager...

    My opinion: Excellent casting, acting, scripts and sets. One can find little wrong in this film and would assume to see it receive numerous awards.

    However, one thing did jump out at me which might hold it back and I would imagine cause quite a stir in some circles...At the beginning of the film the lead agent kills, actually murders, a man who they had mistaken for another, a case of mistaken identity. They tell him to simply brush it off besides, “You were under orders.” Next, the Doctor on the team doesn’t want to do this type of work anymore because she overdosed and killed a target by continuing to sedate him even though she knew it to be wrong but she also is told, “you were following orders.” Yet, ironically, Eichmann’s defense is exactly the same, “I killed no one. I simply delivered them. I was following orders.”

    It’s great film especially for those that are into History of this era and the dialogue is sharp and thought provoking. Truly excellent!

    Operation Finale (2018) - Trivia - IMDb
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