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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Thunder5Ranch, Dec 7, 2019.

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    For the Rock Island 200 .38 that I like. Found in the RK bargain bin for $2 of all places. Fits tight enough to hold but enough slop to not have to wrestle the weapon out. Comfortable on the shoulder strap or on the belt. ANd yep I still like that little Rock Island 200 as much as I did around 2 years ago when I bought it. Just a good dependable basic no bells and whistles wheel gun. Like it so much I bought two more just like it tonight. LOL Wife asked a dozen times or so on the way home "Can we ever go to RK without you buying 1-4 guns and a cart full of ammo?"

    Saw a news story about a person in a town 40 miles downwind from me getting arrested on drug charges and the police finding a *Arsenal of Weapons and Ammo* 4 guns and 1000 rounds. I am thinking if they call that a Arsenal WTF would they call my stash or most other Monkeys stashes. I have more weapons and ammo than that just in my office desk LOL.

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  2. BTPost

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    It is only an “Arsenal” if you are a Law Breaker... If you are a Citizen, they don't get to label you.....
  3. tacmotusn

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    We are all law breakers according to the Dems. Have you not been paying attention? You will all be arrested and disarmed forever soon comrade. tic
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    Two bricks of 22LR and you are somehow a threat...
  5. duane

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    Don't even need any guns and ammo, have neighbors who think I am a gun crazed nut and dangerous just because I will not sign their petition to outlaw firearms and will not put up a Bernie for Pres sign on my driveway! Oh did I happen to mention the wife is a teacher and the husband works for the state and are always screaming about being underpaid and of course it is all my fault for being a conservative and not [bow].

    Rant off, good find and the a older I get the more I like KISS. I love to look at the commemorate guns in all their beauty, but if you took them out of their cases and fired them, it would destroy at least a good portion of their value. God Bless the good old truck gun that is always available, good enough to do the job, and another ding is just going to give it more "character".
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    Not likely as I hold an FFL, and am a ReTIRED Fed... with clearances and history... and besides, they really dislike traveling all the way out here just to have a face to face conversation... about anything...
  7. Altoidfishfins

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    Advantage: BT and Alaska
    Yeah I'm a little jealous.
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    Not to worry Altoidfishfins, we're all jealous...LOL!
  9. oldman11

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    Good leather holsters are hard to find. I'm getting my leather holsters made by a good man south of me in the little town of Winfield. He charges $35.00 and makes a good one.
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