Finally getting some stuff planted.

Discussion in 'The Green Patch' started by Thunder5Ranch, May 25, 2019.

  1. Thunder5Ranch

    Thunder5Ranch Monkey+++

    Tilling in still too wet soil, and the wife did some covert ops and took pics of me working it in my pajamas. LOL It was kind of almost dry enough and there was more rain coming in about a hour or two, so I hit it in house slippers and jammies and was out there killing it looking like a walmart shopper.

    New virgin garden I made this year. A 120x300' area that used to be my incoming cattle quarantine pen. So 12 years of being well fertilized and clay turned into a nice 10" deep black dirt garden. I had to cut down around a dozen hickory and post oaks to get the light up to 75%-80% on the light meter for 9 hours per day. But I am well stocked on hickory smoking wood now and got some nice 50-60 foot long, 30"-40" diameter post oak logs to run through the saw mill.

    The main fields and gardens are still swamps but hey I at least have couple hundred tomato and pepper plants in the ground and 50 each zucchini, yellow squash and cucumber plants growing. Fast heading to taking no plant on the corn field or doing back to back beans.

    Just a muddy, swampy, wet SUCK year so far here on the T5R........... Even the hogs are getting sick of the mud!

  2. SB21

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    If you got to work , you might as well be comfortable doing it .
  3. Illini Warrior

    Illini Warrior Illini Warrior

    covered up some of the planting areas to dry them off a bit - damn rain won't give much of a break - what did get planted in the last 2 weeks is going great - plenty of rain and just enough sun to make the plants happy ....
  4. Thunder5Ranch

    Thunder5Ranch Monkey+++

    I must say there is much less chaffing in the Jammies than in jeans :)
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  5. Merkun

    Merkun furious dreamer

    PUHLEEZ pass the eye bleach --- (And keep your slippers outa da dam tiller tines. Yeesh.
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  6. Thunder5Ranch

    Thunder5Ranch Monkey+++

    Yeah I hate replacing perfectly good tiller times that get bent up when they hit my feet :(
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  7. OldDude49

    OldDude49 Just n old guy

    <---- has heard stories about people that work in their jamies... :D:D:D
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