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    Just this morning, I filled my wife's car with fuel. $74.00 when the pump automatically shut off, not allowing me to get the final gallon or two that would completely fill the tank. As I stared at the price I was reminded the last time this happened, according to the media spin machine, George W. Bush was in the oval office and he intentionally used his position to line the pockets of his oil buddy friends. Toss in an oil war or two and you have the perfect opportunity push up the gas prices.

    I was reminded of this article:

    Hey, Remember When Nancy Pelosi Blamed George Bush for High Gas Prices? | The Lonely Conservative

    and I am left to assume that George Barack Walker Hussein Obama Bush are actually the same person. It appears that the new president is intentionally "kineticly" fighting a war to raise gas prices to help George W. Bush's friends. Who cares how high the price goes as demand, futures speculation, China and India automobile sales growth, short term supply issues due to middle east tension, and peak oil issues have nothing to do with high prices. Move along now, there is nothing to report here. We have an honest president that is the Great Teleprompter of Communication (I prefer GTC to POTUS). A real Manchurian Candidate.

    Is it just me or is there a double standard on fuel prices depending on who is in the Oval Office? Where is the media outrage? Why is our commander in chief lining the pockets of the former president's cronies pockets?

    The reality is it is a media conspiracy and nothing other. Financial conspiracy? That is how Washington works every day.
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