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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by shadetech, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. shadetech

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    Anyone out there in dire enough straights to be considering Backrupcy? I need to get anyones advice- Pro or Con [dunno]
  2. ghrit

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    I'm not as close to it as I might be, but I had to research it a few years ago. Bankruptcy is a complex issue, full of problems in the future. Do your research carefully, often all it does is delay or create more pressing problems down the road. Take a look at what zero is doing to the country, then imagine yourself in the same position. One of my kids is close to the edge, but can't afford the filing fees, he's fighting hard to avoid going that route, and my limited ability to help isn't helping much.

    Damn, I hate to hear that you are in that bad a bind, it has to be worrisome. Best of luck with it.
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  3. Tracy

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    I'm not considering bankruptcy, but know those who have. Be sure to study the new bankruptcy laws and what is and is not allowable to claim/write off.

    Don't think of bankruptcy as a "get out of debt" card. If you've had others who filed years ago and are telling you how great it was to be able to walk away from some of their obligations, be warned that the laws have changed and more companies are making sure that they get their piece of the pie.

    Know that it will affect your credit, which in turn will affect your ability to get a new/better job or home for quite a long time (because everyone is basing their decisions on credit scores these days).

    I have been in financial distress before. I've found that determination and tenacity, along with a strong dose of nice, will turn any situation around. There are companies out there that will help negotiate your debt. Some of them charge a fee. I would suggest that your money is your own and not to pay those who prey on other's misery. You have the ability to contact your own creditors and negotiate with them. Do not avoid their phone calls, but talk reasonably with them. They will listen. If you get a bully on the line, call back and get another company representative that is willing to talk with you and work with you. Companies want to be paid and are willing to help you make sure that you don't default on your account. Don't be a jerk about it. Don't yell and tell them you have nothing. Humble yourself and let them know what you're willing to give them (either monthly or [if you have the ability] ask if they'll let you pay off a percentage of your debt and call it good). They'll reduce interest rates, maybe not a lot at first, but some will reduce overy 3 or 6 months if you call them - check their company policies.

    I'm not sure how dire your situation is. Read my words as those of hope and experience of someone who didn't file and was better off for it. :)
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    I appretiate the input from both of you. I have other possible options than bankruptcy, but wish to concider all possibilities. The country's economics are worse than mine.

    As long as we think FRNs are worth something and that the economy is getting better and Dow Jones is picking back up we will all be OK. Life is wonderfull and the world is a beautiful there any more of that koolaid left?
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