Find the Cat in this photo

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    below path
    right hand side
    count over 5 large rocks to the left
    down 3/4 of a rock

    there is the kitty.

    no enlargement needed ;)
  3. UGRev

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    You must be a hit with the pussycats.. :)
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    Wow! Tha was a tough one...Only found it AFTER "VisuTrac" pointed it out!
    I was looking for an orange tabby! Now that I have a new kitten that is a dark grey/black tabby I'll have to pay a lot more attention!
    My New one has weird markings,and he looks more like a cheetah than a house cat!
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    Natural cammo. CATZ rule!
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    9 Differences in this Picture Puzzle

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    Good eyes. You take point.
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  10. skyking

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    There are 11 differences between these 2 pictures; can you spot them all?
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    There are 11 differences in the graffiti picture below- can you spot them all?
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