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    Do you plan on just blindly moving to a place you've never seen in person and have no firsthand knowledge? At some point you'll have to get out and visit the areas you're interested in. There is no way around this unless you want a complete surprise.

    Scouting out property is expensive and inconvenient. I've bought a lot of plane tickets and burned a lot of vacation time on my search, but when I'm ready I'll fully know what I'm getting into.
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    IF your aren't in a hurry, its definitely worth taking a vacation to any area you are looking at.

    Property rights and how property transfers leagally varies alot from state to state. In many states in the eastern USA you cant transfer land without a lawyer looking at the deed and clearing it out west we just pay title insurance

    every county and or township is different with different restrictions based on the local zoning laws. This isnt a simple question to answer. Ideally know you goals, and must haves for a property and then go look.
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