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    I can do that, Thanks'
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    No need for a power drill. (Added weight) try a brace and bit. (It will not care if it gets wet, either.
    Edit: and if you drill it first, then cut, the weight of the downed log holds your work steady while you drill.
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    The video is the over-thought techno version of the Swedish Torch. It requires a saw, a drill, and a honkin' looooog drill bit.

    There is a much easier way: Just chop a log and split it.

    This guy is a little painful to watch. I think it's his first time. The quick-lighting trick is good. However, it's best to put the log pieces closer together, and either tie them at the base, or brace them with rocks. Or just dig a shallow hole to stand them up in.

    And you don't actually need a log. A bundle of sticks will do the job just fine.

    Note that you can use a Swedish Torch in snow, mud, or even ankle-deep in skunky swamp water. It lights at the top and takes a long time to burn down. You can also use wet wood: when you split it, you get exposed dry wood to light, and the dry wood stands up so even a wet firelay won't kill your fire.

    This is one of the most important survival fires.
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    I was thinking you could use a length of bailing wire to hold the bundle together, when your done roll up the wire and put it away.
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