Firearm stolen... advice on retreival?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by ItalianGator, Jun 19, 2011.

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    Spoke with my grandfather this evening. He told me how sad he was to learn that a .22 pistol had had in his Florida home had been stolen sometime between March (when he left) and this weekend. The thieves knew what they were after and only took that, leaving no indication that they were even there until my mother had gone to the house to secure the gun (something my grandfather forgot to do).

    He has a good idea of who might have done it. While having a contractor do some work on his house, the man asked my grandfather if he needed any firearms and that he could get anything he wanted. My grandfather declined the shady offer by saying that he doesn't need one because he has one already. Yeah, I know... not a wise thing to say.

    There were no signs of forced entry, so they must have picked the front door lock. They came, got the gun, and left. As people have come and gone from the home since March, nobody was aware of the intrusion because the thieves didn't take anything that would have indicated a theft (i.e., a missing TV would have been a clue).

    My grandfather is going through the process of reporting the theft to police. Wanted to ask if there's anything else he can do that might result in him being able to get the gun back? Reporting the suspicious contractor is already on his to-do list. But anything else? The gun is more valuable from a sentimental perspective than anything else... he's had it for around 50 years... got it a few years after getting married. I'd really like to be able to help him get it back if possible.

    Any advice, tips, pointers, contacts, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    Police report with serial # just to cover his backside is alway's a good idea...
    Check the local pawn shop's with the police report in hand and you may get lucky...
    The police report give's you legal claim and no pawn shop want's to be known for buying ''hot'' item's...Oh don't wait on a detective...The faster you get word out the better you chance's of recovery...
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    I have had firearms stolen on more than one occasion prior to getting a Gunsafe. I would recommend everyone who has valuables including guns, have a good one that is also fire rated.
    My main comment is far from helpful in hindsight. If you do not have the serial number, and a photo of every firearm in your house, stashed somewhere private retrieveable and safe for use in filing a police report your odds are better in hitting megaball lotto, than getting your gun(s) back.
    Even worse, certain places, like Kalifornia and New York City, the police may have no incentive what so ever to attempt to active find and return your gun to you. However if a person is found to have a gun in the commision of a crime, they will hold onto it forever, .... even after convicting the perp (just in case they appeal, for the retrial of course), and then at some time in the far future it may dissappear from evidence for an undercover or other neferious reason prior to finally being melted down for scrap metal ..... oh, and to keep it off the street of course.
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    I second what tacmotusn said...and rember even if you don't have a serial # and do find it in a pawn shop...You can alway's buy it back...
    Let's face it .The L.E.O's are overloaded with stolen property report's and recovery...Do the leg work yourself...
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    Just a NOTE, here: Not only should you insist on a Police Report, but you should also INSIST, that they enter your stolen Firearm into ATFs Stolen FireArm Database. This does two things. First, It makes the FireArm "contraband" for ANYONE who possess it. Second, it helps keep the Police, and Property People, honest, as if they ever got caught with your FireArm, they get prosecuted for a Federal Felony. As an FFL, I have had stolen Firearms, which were reported to ATF as soon as it discovered, then subsequently recovered, and finally returned to "Me" as the owner. It was years later, but I got two of them back. They even backtracked one, to the fellow that stole them from me. He did five years in the GrayBar Hotel, for that one. The last place bad guys should be burgling guns from, is an FFL, because it isn't just theft, it also is a Federal Felony, and the FEDs DO prosecute those, ALL the time.
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    Just a few additional pointers... don't just check the local pawn shops check those in a 75 mile radius... leave a flyer with each describing the weapons as well as the surrounding LEO agencies...( Leo's don't always talk to each other)... let the owners know that you will prosecute... don't sign any pawnshop agreements to reinburse them for their trouble.... additionally there are a number of "mobile" pwan shops buying gold and silver in my area... these are operated out of large panel trucks... can't see one of these carrying that much gold so they are probably carrying something else as well... YMMV
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    Another pointer that does no good now but can help in the future. I place a code somewhere on the firearm either with an engraver/woodburner that I can prove is my mark. (Last 4 of your social, maybe initials, what have you) I have taken butt plates off rifles and engraved/burned this code into the plate or wood of the stock. These places are often overlooked and not "cleaned" by the thief. This can prove ownership in some circumstances.
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    First a police report is a must. There MUST be a serial number for the gun to go into NCIC. With out that IT WILL NOT GO INTO THE DATA BASE. This is run by the FBI, and is accessible by all LE agencies with access to NCIC.

    There is no data base for stolen guns without the serial numbers, and to the best of my knowledge the only data base the BATFE has is on gun owners which is illegal but they do it any way.

    This is the main reason why EVERYONE should have a list of serial numbers and description on guns and other valuable items. Without the serial number and product description it won't be allowed into the system, and there is no way you can identify it as yours.
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    Hate to say bad things about family but most of the time no force burglaries are done by a family member. I would buy that a contractor did it if they are not sure the gun was still there when the contractor was finished.

    All pawn shops are required to report the serial numbers of all guns pawned. Give the name of the suspect to the cops they can check for items pawned by name this is your one hope if you don't have the serial number.
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    The last one I had stolen floated through the system being passed from one thug to another for almost 18 years before being taken off a gang banger 1000 miles away.

    It was used in the commission of a crime and I will never recover it.
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