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    How about a repository of firearms recommended and preferred by our female members and significant others of the male persuasion? Preferably with the reasons why they like them such as how well they fit and operate. Let's make the scope all firearms, so pistols, rifles, and shotguns. I also think that many of these would apply to seniors and teenagers.

    Men - you should be as interested in this as the ladies should be. A firearm your significant other can shoot well could very well save your life. Let's try to let the ladies steer this as much as possible.

    Here is a start:
    After shopping around and handling several pistols my wife gravitated to the S&W M&P 9mm pistols. The reasoning is that the grip was able to be modified to fit her hand well with the included adapters, and it's easy to charge (she is NOT giving up her nails). After using the full size 9mm version at the range quite a bit she felt it was still a bit large, especially for carry, so we looked some more. That resulted in her getting a S&W M&P Shield that she is very happy with.

    Pistol: S&W M&P Shield
    • Comfortable and controllable for small handed folks
    • Easy to charge
    • Safety easy to operate even though it is a small snagless design
    • Good trigger
    • Light weight
    • Very mild recoil for a small pistol
    • Available with or without safety
  2. marlas1too

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    I carry 3 at all times unless I have to go to a feds building or hospt. 2 shot derringer 38 spcl. 357 rossi snub nose in my purse and a 1911 45 on my hip or small of my back I feel safe that way ---was a victim once and only once
    I would never have a 9mm ,not strong enough -IMHO
  3. AxesAreBetter

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    What kind of .357 you running out of that snubbie? Cause if it is full power, you are more of a man than me.
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  4. arleigh

    arleigh Goophy monkey

    That snubbie is robbing you of some of the energy your looking for ,to compensate for the 9MM
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  5. techsar

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    My wife likes her Kimber Ultra Carry II in .45acp...but when her attire won't allow for that, then a Taurus PT-145 (.45acp), a Kimber Solo (9mm), Taurus PT-111 (9mm), Ruger SP-101 (.357mag) or a S&W Bodyguard (.380). She has others, but those are her favorites.
    One of many reasons I keep her around ;)
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  6. zombierspndr

    zombierspndr Monkey

    Not near as much as you'd expect. My 2.25" barreled SP101 sends remington 125 grain SJHP's out the muzzle at around 1200 fps. That's just about what the Speer gold dot 124 grain +P load does from a 5" would be less from an snubbie equivalent length barrel. Remington ammo is loaded a little on the puny side too. That said, there really ain't much real world difference between the two with most loads and equivalent length barrels. The .357's reputation came from the SJHP bullets...and it's impossible to duplicate their performance with modern fully jacketed hp's.

    My wife chose a CZ75BD(decocker version), a Keltec P11, and a Keltec P3AT. She shoots better than I do with my K frame S&W's.
  7. Gray Wolf

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    My wife was not into firearms. No matter how many times I showed her how to run a 1911 or a DA 9mm, she would forget.
    In a critical situation, you do not have time to think "is the safety on or off", "is there a round on the chamber or not", and "does this one need to be cocked first". That's why she chose a revolver. Her first pick was a stainless steel Ruger Security Six 4" .357 Magnum. At 21 feet, she could regularly put 6 rounds into the head of a silhouette target and you could cover all six holes with a silver dollar.
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  8. MountainMariner

    MountainMariner Clearly Ambiguous

    Just taught a woman to shoot. First time firing a rifle of any type for her. The rifle is a Remington M40 Long Range 26" barrel, Trijicon 5x20 mil-dot scope, shooting my 178 AMAX hand loads. 30-06 caliber. Absolutely astonishing three round 100 yard group.


    She fired two more three round groups and did very nicely. 1/2 MOA on all three groups.
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  9. marlas1too

    marlas1too Monkey+++

    i use 158 grain hp in my rossi and have no problem with it
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  10. AxesAreBetter

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    I've never fire 158 gr. from a snubby that didn't mess up my shooting hand. I tip my hat.
  11. Little_Rain

    Little_Rain Monkey

    I have a Bersa Thunder. I love the heck outta that thing. It shoots like we have a telepathic link.
  12. zombierspndr

    zombierspndr Monkey

    Stocks that fit your hand make a big difference. I have fired some pretty heavy 170+ grain handloads out of the little SP101 without injury. I won't lie and tell you they were pleasant, but not painful either.
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  13. Meat

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    My daughter wants to get a pistol. When I asked her what type she said pink. Wtf? :D
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  14. 3M-TA3

    3M-TA3 Cold Wet Monkey

    Cerakote comes in three shades of pink, but you might want to steer her away from "prison pink"...
  15. Ganado

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    @Meat I like your daughter already! a girl has her priorities !
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  16. Meat

    Meat Monkey+++

    She's a riot but that was a serious answer. Lol. :D
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  17. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Hm. A sleazy way to get your model 29 in 44 Mag, but you could buy it, spray it pink, the let her discover the brutality of it ---. Paint remover will fix it right back up ---
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  18. Ganado

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    @ghrit wut! and ruin a perfectly good pink set of grips... *faints in horror*
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  19. Motomom34

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    @Meat I have a pink gun, it is pretty. Packing Pink is nothing to be ashamed of.
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  20. Meat

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    Which pink gun do you have? We're shopping. :D
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