Firearms Regulations, Laws, Prohibitions and information:

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by magnus392, Oct 31, 2005.

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    Cool thanks Magnus
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    I will be adding to this more as time allows
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    Updated, if anyone else has links I should post please post them here and I will add them:) Please include a description :p
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    Re: Firearms Regulations, Laws, Prohibitions and information

    Does anyone know where one could find some decent videos on "shoot/don't shoot" scenarios (ie when to use lethal force and when not to)?
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    Re: Firearms Regulations, Laws, Prohibitions and information

    You might try one of the CCW sites, ??
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    Re: Firearms Regulations, Laws, Prohibitions and information

    YouTube - Firearms exercise #1
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    Thanks for the video Quig.

    Here's one.
    You are out shopping, after getting done you walk around the corner of the building heading back to your car. You see a man and a woman standing face to face, both are covered in blood and he is holding a knife by the handle above his head.

    Shoot or don't shoot?
    I have the answer as this scenario actually happened in Jackson, TN. I'll wait to post what happened until there are some responses.
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    I added a link for shipping of firearms from GunBroker's website.
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    Don't shoot if the blade is pointed up. Shoot if it's pointed down. (Reasoning on request, but it could be faulty.)
  11. kckndrgn

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    Blade pointing down
    Any other opinions?
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    Hold your fire.... if she's not screaming or asking for help... as ghrits wav file says don't judge too fast...
  13. Pax Mentis

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    Hold fire at least until you can determine whether he is attacking her or holding the knife away from her. I would want to see an actual attempt to do her harm before acting.

    Draw, go to low ready and get the attention of the protagonists...but do not fire unless and until the situation is clear and action is required to protect a clear victim.
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    If both are bloody and the guy has the knife, I'd think he took it away from the woman (it took me a long time to think of that, so I'm already too late).

    Train gun on guy with weapon just-in-case since there's no time, and tell him to drop weapon...
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    Here's what happened.

    The guy that came around the corner and saw the man with knife shot and killed him. Turns out the guy with the knife had just taken the knife out of his chest. The women was his ex and was upset he was leaving her.
    The family of the guy that was killed sued and won against the HCP holder. Don't remember if he served any time, but he lost BIG in the civil suit.
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    I recommend hand to hand combative training over CCW any day. If one is properly trained in both, it opens the door for added security and methods not to rely upon deadly force as significantly as one would if they were only trained to shoot. This is debatable of course, and it is for every individual to decide for themselves. I however, have a fair amount of experience with hand-to-hand fighting, combatives, CQB, and unarmed self defense along with having the honor to train others in knife attack defense. To me, using a handgun is only useful when my own life is threatened. As I see it, adding defensive techniques to one's arsenal can possibly make them supremely capable in most situations. Of course, the greatest training is simply exercising your muscle memory tactics and utilizing your body's core defense mechanisms and not falling into a pattern of fancy moves and counter-moves which could very well prove disastrous. In a knife fight, for instance, a defender should raise their arms and know how to block effectively. Sure, you may very well be cut -but it is better to have a slashed arm than a ripped throat. Brute force doesn't always win out; knowing pressure points and key areas to cause the most pain to an attacker is crucial. And remember, you can always injure your attacker enough so you can get away. Every fight isn't necessarily a death match. If you are one of the types who believes a gun is all you need and a bullet will solve every hostile problem, more power to you. And good luck.

    With as many laws in existence that we have today, every CCW permit holder is at constant risk of being sued, fined, and imprisoned for defending oneself. Better to be judged than carried by six, I guess. I like to expand from the prison being created around us, however.
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    should find some thing on youtube that site has been a boon to me. here is one I am sure there are more.
    I cannot vouch for this guy but probably more vids on the subject
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    Michigan Gov Rick Snyder signed the law legalizing short barreled rifles and shotguns...

    NRA-ILA Article
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    The fools here in WA State just passed an initiative to lose the liberty to sell or transfer personal firearms without an FFL. This includes letting your buddies shoot your gun at a range or wherever. The advertising paid by the scum Bankster Bilderberger was extremely deceptive (feel good, close gun show "loophole" kinda cr@p) and a lot of people are going to get a nasty surprise
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    I wonder how this new Initiative would react to a a Family Trust, or Legal Trust, owning the Weapons, and ALL Family Members were Trustees of the Trust. How could you have a Transfer, between Trustees, of the owning Trust? A very interesting thought.... Any Trust LawDogs that could shed light on this?
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