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    I realize that many people are not like this but a question none the less.
    Why do (some) people feel the need to say that guns are the thing responsible for killing people? Seriously if I went to kill someone with a knife, would the knife be held responsible, and would the knife get arrested? (Almost) anything can be used as a weapon, take away the firearms, and people will find other ways of killing each other, like yo-yos (look up the history of the yo-yo if you laugh). Why do people not put the blame on the people that are the ones firing the gun, rather than the gun itself.

  2. dragonfly

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    Guns don't kill people, people kill people!
    ( some refer to ONLY: bullets kill people)
    What makes an "assault weapon" an assault weapon?
    A man was convicted of assault, when he hit his wife with a bag of frozen squirrels! Is the squirrel at fault? Maybe the freezer?
    People just LOVE excuses!
    ( see "the blame game")
    Like drunk they kill people...?
    Some say yes, some say no...Many prefer to blame the vehicle involved!
    It's like suing a gun manufacturer for someone using a gun in a murder, or a robbery, or....?
    It's all nonsensical to me.
    You can kill with a rock, a board, a car, an airplane, whatever....Many "liberal's" would ban them all! Can you imagine banning hammers?
    How about all those darned rocks?
    Take a LOOK at jolly ole ENGLAND for almost need a permit today to buy a butcher knife there!
    Ban tweezers, nail clippers, and everything sharp, and some would be happy!
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    god forbid what has hapend here in england should hapen in the US most pepole here
    thanks to the press see guns and knives as weapons and not what they are TOOLS
    only pepole turn them in to weapons the law in england no longer subscribes to the rule of commonsence
  4. dragonfly

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    Now don't feel too bad...
    There are some that would take away all sharp implements, you know....
    like: mashed potatoes, whipped cream, used chewing gum, those nasty dangerous things!
    Insanity is only brain deep!
  5. Seawolf1090

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    To the Liberal mind, a person shouldn't be blamed - it's society's fault.
    So they find it easier to blame and BAN the inanimate object used in the crime, NOT the criminal himself.

    I personally believe that rampant Liberalism should be banned. That alone would immediately cure half of society's ills...... :D
  6. UGRev

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  7. ghrit

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    "It can never be a totally safe knife, but the idea is you can’t inflict a fatal wound," he said. "Nobody could just grab one out of the kitchen drawer and kill someone."

    Hm. Anti stab, maybe, but it'll slice a neck neatly. What's with these "I'll save you from yourselves" types?
  8. bnmb

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    Hmmmm...brilliant idea! Maybe I'll invent soft rubber kitchen knife that couldn't even slice nobody! A real life-saver!... :D
  9. Maxflax

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    There is a world wide conspiracy to eliminate all ability to oppose the new world order.. firearms naturally have to be eliminated in order to bring the terror that these scumbags intend. They have pretty much succeeded everywhere but most of the USA

    This is why the media, which is owned by the same people, demonize firearms but not automobiles which "kill" a lot more people each year
  10. Disciple

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    It's Idiot logic quite simply....... They cannot lay the blame on anybody but conservatives, inanimate objects and third party political parties. everything is bushes fault, or so to speak.
  11. Maxflax

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    These same "people" were the power behind the so called 1917 "Russian Revolution" (It was not "Russian by any means)

    In the aftermath millions of the disarmed white Russian Christian people were slaughtered by the alien, invading elements. This was largely because they had already been disarmed by their Czar, a foolish move on his part

    At least the colors were right, the whites vs the reds
  12. Disciple

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    In every revolution of that Ilk there was a leader before it that pretty much disarmed the people before the revolution happened. Hitler himself made his rule a "utopia" and disarmed the public then look what he did.
    Lenin disarmed then Stalin commited Genocide. Mao, PolPot. Two more.

    The only revolution that was differant was our own revolution in which we took up arms after the british attacked us.
  13. Rex Lee

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    If guns kill people, do pencils misspell words?

    Yea i know, old but a valid comparison.... ;)
  14. Minuteman

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    Did spoons make Rosie O'Donnell fat?
  15. Minuteman

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    There is great concern of a disease that seems to be spreading in our nation. It is a widespread epidemic but it is curable.
    We all need to do our part to stamp out this horrible disease before it spreads any futher.

    A modern scourge.
    Hoplophobia, n. Irrational, morbid fear of guns (c. 1980, coined by Col. Jeff Cooper, from the Greek hoplites, weapon; see his book Principles of Personal Defense). May cause sweating, faintness, discomfort, rapid pulse, nausea, sleeplessness, nondescript fears, more, at mere thought of guns. Presence of working firearms may cause panic attack. Hoplophobe, hoplophobic.

    Hoplophobes are common and should never be involved in setting gun policies. Point out hoplophobic behavior when noticed, it is dangerous, sufferers deserve pity, and should seek treatment. When confronted about their condition, hoplophobes typically go into denial, a common characteristic of the affliction. Sometimes helped by training, or by coaching at a range, a process known to psychiatry as "desensitization," a useful methodology in treating many phobias.

    Hoplophobic behavior is often obvious from self-evident irrational responses to real-life situations, and is frequently seen in the news media and public debate. When a criminal commits a crime using a gun, hoplophobes often seek to disarm, or make lists of, innocent people who didn't do anything, an irrational suggestion.

    The idea of creating an enormously expensive government-run 90-million-name database of legitimate gun owners -- which by definition would not include armed criminals -- is a prime example of an irrational hoplophobic response to the issue of crime. How the writing of your name in such a list would help stop crime is never even addressed. (See, "The Only Question About Gun Registration")

    An effort is underway nationally to have hoplophobia recognized in the DSM, the official directory of mental ailments. Resistance from elements in the medical profession suggest this may be quite difficult, but that does not reduce the importance of recognizing a widespread, virulent, detrimental mental condition commonly found in the populace. The actual number of undiagnosed hoplophobes is unknown, but believed to be in the tens of millions.

    Read Dr. Sarah Thompson's brilliant essay on the medical nature of this afflicition, the article that got the ball rolling on serious medical study of a condition affecting millions of Americans.

    Hoplophobes are dangerous. They should not be involved in setting public policy.
    Hoplophobes are victims. They are sick and need help.
    Hoplophobes deserve sympathy. It's not their fault they are afflicted.
    Hoplophobes should seek treatment. Help shoot for a cure.

    Read more:
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    I'd say that every anti-gun person probably has differing reasons why they feel the way they do. In general, I would guess that they blame guns for elevating the ease by which someone can be killed, and in greater numbers. I would further guess that if they are urban people, their context of gun information is from criminal use; they have no frame of reference for the legal uses of firearms.
  17. Maxflax

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    Actually the National Socialist laws only prohibited non Germans from weapons possession. Germans were even able to obtain concealed pistol permits

    One of my ancestors died on Lexington Green, 1775. The redcoats were headed to Concord to confiscate/destroy the cannon/powders/shot/flints stored there. Didn't work out too well for them. As many as 25,000 colonists converged on Concord. The colonists actually trained together as militia. This is why socialists/communists have demonized and even outlawed militias.. they are the natural defense of a free people. This is an excellent book on 1775 and the entire scenario from before Lexington to past Bunker Hill.. used they are as little as $4. Every American should read this book paul reveres ride fischer: Books
  18. Falcon15

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    "For a people who are free, and who mean to remain so, a well organized and armed militia is their best security." - Thomas Jefferson

    The original German immigrant Partiarch of my family and his two sons - one my direct ancestor, the other the ancestor of my extended family - all fought against the Hessians. The majority of the German colonists in America fought on the side of the Freedoms they believed in and thereby gained when this country won it's independence.
  19. BTPost

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    I am afraid that my ancestors on my fathers side, were all Bloody Tories, and fled to Canada, after the Revolution... They then snuck back across the boarder, just before the Civil War, and settled in Kansas, till the Dustbowl days. Left for Washington State, and took up residence there before WWI. So, I got NO Daughters of the American Revolution, in my family tree....
  20. Seacowboys

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    Family tree? I think my great grand daddy must have been the only private in the whole damned confederate army?
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