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    Hehehe.... my Civil War ancestor (on Dad's side) was a Confederate Army Captain here in Florida. He was a part of the local defense of 'old men and boys' who fought back three charges by the Yankees at The Battle of Natural Bridge, south of Tallahassee.

    Florida has always been a 'gun friendly' state, but it's a constant battle against those who would disarm us. We are "Class III" friendly too - so I could own a machinegun if I ponied up the bucks to Uncle and jump thru the Fed hoops..... but I can't legally have anything 'incendiary'. Tracers are a big no-no at any range here.
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    Progressives and liberals like to blame the gun rather than the person because it absolves the perpetrator from all responsibility. In case you hadn't noticed, liberals continue to move away from accepting personal responsibilty and move toward a nanny state where Fedzilla takes care of all your needs.

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    Perfect example is the soon-to-be-retired Madame Speaker, who STILL refuses to own up to being a primary reason for the loss of many Democrat seats in DC.

    And, an inanimate tool is an easy target - people tend to fight back. And criminals just don't co-operate at all with all those neat & nifty LAWS..... so the law-abiding citizens are easier targets too!
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    Don't Ask ,Don't Tell.I know that when I served I didn't know or care who was beside me ,but I did care who was behind me ,as I was more worried about what was coming up in front of me ,and if I missed it I hoped and prayed the one behind me saw what I didn't and took care of it before it took care of us both.BUT if a man put his hand on me in a way to make me think he was a Don't Teller he would not go home to spread his sickness to anyone I knew.We and the most of us would have left a sick man in the bush with a hole some where it was not made to be..
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    Well said. In sessions of the United Nations it is always the agenda to eat away at the entire worlds ability to oppose the global authority. Cifta is a perfect example, signed by Bill Clinton it is still bouncing around in Washington. Just needs to be ratified by the Senate. Its a ban on all semi auto rifles, shotguns and hand guns. Kingfish
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    Out of my cold dead hands

    And if I have anything to say about it, I will not go alone

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    guns are nice to have when bad people will aways have them!
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    If it ever becomes 'time to bury them', then it's high time to USE them! Nuff said. [freedom]
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    The proverbial "Use them, or Lose them" senerio... Is the other guy willing to die to get what you have, usually NOT, he will move on to easier Pick'ens, OR go get some buddies, and then try again....
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    What happens when he and the buddies no longer get a paycheck and are being fired upon daily? ;)
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    They die, if they are in front of my sights...
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