Fires in Colorado Springs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by snowbyrd, Jun 26, 2012.

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    Not the right place but the Inferno is correct.
    I25 closed to SB traffic. Woodman road closed to WB traffic. Motels on Corporate Drive, evac. St Francis retirement home/nursing home evac, roads totally jammed up, have been for hours. 740 am KVOR doing a live broadcast. Local TV same. Real mess, 3 new evac centers open. People were staying at the motels after being evaced from thier homes on SAT. I hate this 'stuff', especially this close to home, I are oK, many miles away but I am still ready, trailer,truck and my good 'stuff' ready to go, as in every fire season..pray for those stuck in traffic, they are sitting ducks if the fire really takes off.
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    Make your plans and work them.

    Evacuate early before threat is imminent, or stay and defend...evacuating when the threat is imminent and getting caught in the open is a recipe for disaster.
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    youngest son is waiting to see if the Army will be called in to help fight the fires... he's at Ft Carson.....
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