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    Many of us have pets and these pets are a true member of the family. I have seen discussions about best breed as a guard dog plus dogs are used for herding. What about do it yourself pet care? I saw a chart on canine choking and it sparked the thought that I am not schooled very well in pet care. My dog is not much of a big scary dog but we love him dearly, he alerts us and guards the kids. Currently when we take our dog in for treatment, there have been times when they need to put a muzzle on him because he dislikes some of the treatment. I do not own a muzzle but it is on the list to get. I know basic first aid so I could treat my pet to a certain extent. The recommended pet first aid kit should include:

    Bandages (adhesive no Band-Aids on pets), tape, cotton, scissors, flea and tick prevention, antibiotic ointment, latex gloves, saline solution, alcohol, comb, brush and a pet first aid book. Digital Thermometer, you will need a "fever" thermometer because the temperature scale of regular thermometers doesn't go high enough for pets. Milk of magnesia (Activated charcoal, to absorb poison), Hydrogen peroxide (3%) to induce vomiting

    I am sure people who raise animals, breeders and farmers have more knowledge on how to care for animals post-SHTF but has anyone else prepared for animal care? Have you asked yourself how far would you go to save your pet? I read an article on skills to have if society collapses and animal care was listed as a valued skill. I love my dog but I haven’t considered bartering 50 pounds of rice for someone to heal him.

    We saw many pets that were abandoned during Hurricane Katrina. That was a true tragedy:
    Plan For Bugging Out With Your Pets | Survival

    What are your plans for your pet if SHTF? I also know myself well and know that I have a soft spot for animals. I ask myself what I would do if I came upon abandoned animals during a disaster event. It is the same as I would do with humans. I often question myself how far would I go to help another whether a human or animal.

    Canine Choking Chart:


    Here is a link to the AMVA. They have loads of free information on pet care, first aid and evacuating with pets. American Veterinary Medical Association - Home

    Also, Amazon carries many books on pet first aid. The Red Cross has a book that you can purchase that is just for pet care.

    Prepping with pets? | Survival Forums Post #6 has a nice list of medicines for dogs.
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    But what would you barter to save your young heifer who is struggling with her first calving? Basic husbandry skills are much needed for the survivalist IMO. Good Post!
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    Good question @Tully Mars I know less about livestock then I do pets. That is a very good question. A heifer is very valuable to the survival of your family and is a huge investment. I need to read up on that.Any farmers, ranchers know of a good basic book that would be good to read and add to my library?
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    ugh Calve birthing. Disinfect arm before inserting to turn the calf. Just saying basic good hygiene is essential for animal or people medicine. Soap and water is the cheapest and most basic precaution in any medical situation.
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