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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Smitty, May 22, 2012.

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    Just got a Norinco MAK-90 and wanted a little advice on stock options. While I like the thumbhole stock it isn't the most concealable in that configuration. Have handled an AK underfolder before and liked it but wanted y'alls opinions. Plan on doing a little hands on shopping this weekend.
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    Looks like you're sold on a folding stock.

    If you go that route you need to make sure it makes the BATF happy.


    A bit of work and a good wood rasp will do wonders for the thumb hole stock. Remove enough wood to show metal of the receiver back most point on the sides and top then take down an equal amount on the rest of the stock, taper to the butt pad. Clean up the pistol grip, but be sure and keep the thumb hole, just taper it all so it fits good and then add finger grips to fit on the pistol grip. Leave on the recoil pad for now.

    Stain a dark brown and run a few hundred rounds before you do more.
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  3. Hispeedal2

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    I have a general dislike for wire folding or underfolders.

    I like the new folders that are like a classic stock.
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    This one looks pretty nice. I also like the skeleton one that slid out on HKs.


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    Any "folding/sliding" stock you add will increase the weight.

    In both cases, HK & AK, it also throws off the balance of the weapon.

    In the case of the HK91 the slider stock butt plate will chew up your shoulder in a clip of 20.

    The MAK 90 comes in two receiver rear shapes, flat and angled.

    The only folders I've seen will only fit the flat ended receiver.

    As always an AK is what ever a country or factory decided it wanted to make. Not all AKs are alike.

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    A clip??? [nono] .................. Just bustin' your chops. (y)


    The butt plate on my HK91 (bought in the 80s) is the same as the slide butt plate in the link below. It is hard plastic with little raised horizontal lines. Both leave similar marks on my shoulder--little purple parallel lines about an inch wide.

    I bought the slide recently: MGR-283 - G3 HK91 A3 Retractable Stock Used Grade II German Military Steel Construction

    I didn't find the balance to be affected that much...HKs are top heavy to begin with, however the slide doesn't allow a good cheek weld. If you have the scope on, forget it.....
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    Clip, sure. I load 4 clips into each mag!
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    What do you want a picture of?

    After all the picture listed as having a clip is really a stripper clip.

    Misinformation is in the eye of the beholder.

    I'd post a real picture of a real clip, that being the M1 Garand, but I never owned any.
  10. ghrit

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    So also do MNs, Springfields, 40mm WWII AA guns and some Mausers. There are numerous stripper clips for loading magazines for those rifles that can't or don't use clips directly; AR mags are an example of that. (I prefer a Lula Loader to a stripper clip for mine, YMMV.) Probably no need for pix of any of them. That said, tripping over trivial errors of nomenclature seems a waste of time. Firearms newbs and MSM reporters excepted, most here are aware, yet will commit an oops now and then.

    P.S. I don't have a quad 40 on my deck --
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    Hey...I said I was just bustin' his chops. [beer]
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