First Day at the Prison..... (training)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Blackjack, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. Blackjack

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    Let's see what we learned today.

    1) Diversity and tolerance within the prison system is paramount.

    2) Rinse, repeat 1, over and over.

    Not that I wasn't expecting it though.
  2. Shadowman

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    I thought prison was PUNISHMENT...what the hell is this diversity crap!
  3. kckndrgn

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    [LMAO]NO!! where have you been??? [LMAO] Lets see, in prison you get 3 meals a day, your cable TV, weight room, a chance to converse with other felons on how to do you "job" better. Oh, and if a guard looks at you wrong, sue the prison system from jail, after all, your "rights" were violated somehow.

    Yeah, I think our prison system really needs an overhaul, but I know it will never happen because everything has to be so PC and heaven forbid you take away their "right" to cable T.V.:mad:
  4. Blackjack

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    Oh, we've already been informed that the prisoners have more rights than we do.
  5. Blackjack

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  6. Blackjack

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  7. Let's Be Frank

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    What state are you in?

    Inmates do not have more rights than you do. You always hold the upper night you get to go home......

  8. Blackjack

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    True enough you get to go home, but that doesn't in any way give you the upper hand inside the facility. But since I'm just in training and haven't experienced it completely for myself, I'll hold off on judging it to be true or not. The fact that I'm going to be outnumbered nearly 150 to one doesn't exactly make me feel like I have the "upper hand".

    Just to be clear on my opening position...... I think our justice system is screwed beyond help, and I think we incarcerate way too many people who are no threat whatsoever to the public. I'm pretty sure I'm going to hate the way that prisons are run, so it's going to be an interesting learning experience for me, but I'm going to go into this with an open mind and see what develops.
  9. snowbyrd

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    I have several friends that are 'screws' and all of them agree that the system sucks. They still work there and they have changed alot from who they were before. More cynical, a little more 'down'. I would not want the job and have alot of [respect]for them. Hey of course the inmates will file suits on the 'correctional officers' 'cuz they have alot of time on their hands.
    snowbyrd [winkthumb] for you doing it.
  10. Let's Be Frank

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    I can honestly say if you feel that way, now is the time to change careers. I spent many years working in prisons, of the thousands of inmates i dealt with, only one or two got a raw deal...the rest, well they deserved prison! Most of them were career criminals who had been in and out of prison for committing crimes again and again.

    There are rules of order and discipline that you must follow and enforce. The inside of prison is either black or white, there is no grey area and if you walk in that area, you will find yourself afoul of either inmates or administration, either way you are the loser. You must conduct yourself above reproach and be firm. fair and consistent when dealing with inmates and staff. Never put yourself in a position to be taken advantage of.
    Prison is a game to many inmates and one of the biggest games is to put staff in compromising positions.

  11. Blackjack

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    Well, I can tell you really did work in one..... I must've heard those 3 words a hundred times already :)

    Don't get me wrong, I don't feel sorry for anybody who deserves to be there, I'd just as soon see them shot. But our 'system' also locks up WAY too many people who are no threat to the rest of society, I won't be seeing too many of those where I'm at though.

    From another thread:
    A U.S. Justice Department report released on November 30 showed that a record 7 million people -- or one in every 32 American adults -- were behind bars, on probation or on parole at the end of last year. Of the total, 2.2 million were in prison or jail. China ranks second with 1.5 million prisoners, followed by Russia with 870,000.
  12. Let's Be Frank

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    YUP! Remember those words, they'll help you out. Also keep in mind that Approach determines you speak to and approach an inmate really determines what his response to you will be. Often it is helpful to take an inmate to the side when busting his/her chops or when trying to obtain information. "Face" is a big thing in the prison population.
    Be mindful of their games and be careful!

  13. Tango3

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    By the way congrats onthe new job I've been outta touch for a bit, Laptop display took a big dump..
  14. Blackjack

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    Thanks...and I've been wondering where you went, glad your back.

    and LBF, thanks for the advice, I know it's gonna be a wild ride :)
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