First Look: Colt Cr-pro (.308)

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by CATO, Jul 26, 2012.

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    You really do need to try a .308AR

    You can build or buy a equivalent or even superior rifle for much less than the Colt will cost.
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    I was just posting for posterity's sake.

    I would never buy a Colt, Bushmaster, Remington or any other big name AR style gun. I agree--you can get much better buying parts and assembling yourself at a much cheaper price.

    Although, my ffl guy has two SCAR17s that occupy a lot of my mental thoughts. Who makes a good AR10 gas piston these days for < 2k?

    It's just the mags that kill ya. That Savage bolt-action I posted a couple days ago...mags for that thing are $60
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    I highly recommend NOT getting a gas piston AR, the bolt carrier gets torqued sideways.

    Look at Fulton Armory, they are DPMS pattern, which means Magpul PMags are usable in them, at about $20 each.
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    Thanks for the tip. That's what I'd read about gas pistons on'm glad you confirmed.

    This CO shooting had me worried about supply and my knee-jerk reaction was to buy more PMags for the ARs. I'm glad an AR10 accepts them. [winkthumb]
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    Not strictly an AR10, at least that is what Armalite will insist.

    I have found the DPMS .308 to be better quality than their .223's, and from all reports the Fulton Armory is better than the DPMS.

    The Criterion barrels that they use are from the button rifled barrel "division" of Krieger.

    I know what you mean about magazines and wanting more right now !

    I'm even thinking about buying some that I had no interest in a week or two ago.
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    I also do not like the gas piston concept AR's . They are just another marketing ply to separate you from you hard earned money.

    As to the so called differences that separate the different makers is superficial at best. It all comes down to the critical parts of any AR, the bolt, extension block, weight of the buffer, and the size of the gas port drilled in the barrel.

    Concentrate on your skills and training first and foremost, let the ignorant ones waste their time arguing the Chevy vs. Ford debate.
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    Hmmm.... pretty rifle, but I will keep my CETME - similar on recoil, as I can keep it on target while shooting (differnt buffer system than an HK), mags are dirt cheap, one MOA (scoped) suffices for me as I am not into competiton. Proven accuracy and reliability, easy to clean, no finicky gas system. And much less expensive!!

    While I'd love an AR-10 or M-1A, I just can't justify the cost.
  10. ghrit

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    I'll attest to Fulton's build quality. Mine is 5.56, but I cannot imagine them less stinting on anything else they make.
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    Thanks, Two Crows- now another forum I have to browse through in my miniscule spare time... ;)
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    C Products also makes a .308 AR magazine for $13 (link at AimSurplus). I've held one in my grubby little hands and see some advantages -- they can be used in the tight-fitting FAL mag leather belt-pouches (the Magpul doesn't squeeze in). Magpul is a little lighter...
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    C Products magazines do not have the best reputation for quality or function, not terrible but.......well, it is your life.
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    DPMS .308AR's have a better reputation for quality than their .223/5.56 models.

    There are three basic lines of .308AR; the DPMS, the Armalite and the Rock River Arms each uses different magazines* and few parts interchange.
    (Armalite is now making a model that uses the same magazines as DPMS)
    I guess that could be four types perhaps, as I do not know how the Colt relates to the rest.

    Most use AR15 lower parts, the upper parts are where the differences are.
  15. NVBeav

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    That's good to know, but I'd like to see proof rather than just hearsay about a vet-owned business' quality.
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    There are a few more...pricey, I guess you get what you pay for:
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    Don't have any C Products mags in 7.62 but have both C products and stoner in 5.56.My own experience has been that both need to be checked and "blueprinted" just as you should do with any part of a weapon you intend to trust your life to.Haven't used any of my current weapons in actual combat but at the range and in the field my C Products perform very well. Much better than some of the 2nd tier ammo I force my ARs to eat. May be better mags out there but these brands work well for me. Also being old school I still use 20 rounders only. Closer to the ground you see LOL.
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  19. Maxflax

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    Prefer the HK 91 or even the M14 to the battle-unproven AR10 guns. Have an HK91/PTR91 heavy barrel, and am going to buy a PTR GI soon.. building a HK 93 clone as soon as I get all the parts together. Have an M1A as well

    Now in 5.56 the AR15 is a good and proven weapon if built with quality parts, I just built my gal one
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