Mosby First Open Enrollment SUP Class of the Year (and some other class information at the bottom)

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    The guys down up in Idaho Falls are doing people who want to get into a class with us, but can’t work out how to host one themselves, a solid. They’ve decided to do a small-unit patrolling class, and have a few slots they can fill that they’re willing to let people in on.

    It’s a little short notice, but the class just got finalized.

    8-10 (Fri-Sat-Sun) May 2015, I will be doing a small-unit, irregular security patrolling class in the vicinity of Idaho Falls, ID. Cost for the class is $500/shooter.

    Small-Unit Security Patrolling Operations—3-Day

    May 8-10(Friday-Sunday)
    In the vicinity of Idaho Falls, Idaho

    This is a three-day class that serves as a practical and theoretical introduction to the individual and collective common task skills and small-unit tactics applied by irregular light-infantry forces in an unconventional warfare environment in both rural and urban environments. It uses a solid focus on basic battle drills to teach the underlying concepts that can be adapted to all situations.

    The focus of this class is on the hard skills necessary to effectively conduct small unit security patrols in order to protect a retreat location or neighborhood.

    Equipment Requirements

    (students should arrive with a minimum of 500 rounds of ammunition for their weapon.)

    -Fighting Rifle

    -Fighting load-out

    -Sustainment ruck or “Bug-Out Bag” (this is a field environment class. Expect to live out of your rucksack for the duration of the course. It’s also May in Idaho. Weather may range from near tropical to blizzard conditions, although this year, tropical seems more likely. Pack accordingly.)

    -note pad and pen or pencil

    -clothing suitable to strenuous activity in the local environment.

    -rain gear/cold weather gear as required by seasonal climactic conditions.

    -hearing and eye protection are required.

    -hydration (Camelback-type system, canteens, or water bottles)

    -an open mind, especially if you’ve previously received a great deal of traditional, competition-based marksmanship training.

    Three-Day SUP Class ($500/shooter) May.8-10. 2015(Friday-Sunday), Idaho (vicinity of Idaho Falls) The course tuition is due May 1. or before.

    To enroll in this class, please contact HH6 at

    or the host of the class at


    In addition to this, we’re working on setting up some potential open enrollment classes in the SE and upper Midwest of the USA this summer and fall. I also have a number of closed/private classes scheduled for further east this summer and fall. If you’re interested in hosting a course East of the Mississippi, but have been previously discouraged by the challenges of scheduling us to get back East, contact HH6 at the above email address. We’ve had some changes come up that are allowing us to bring Mountain Guerrilla training further east.



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