Second Amendment first printable weapons, now printable magazines

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    US Congressman introducing ban on 3D-printable gun magazines
    Jan.17, 2013
    steveisrael. On Wednesday Congressman Steve Israel stated on his website calling for a renewal of a revamped Undetectable Firearms Act that includes the ban of 3-D printed, plastic high-capacity magazines.
    Last weekend, Defense Distributed made another test fire with a 3D printed AR magazine and it was a success. They tested an ammunition magazine for an AR semi-automatic rifle, loading and firing 86 rounds from the 30-round clip.
    Rep. Israel said, "Background checks and gun regulations will do little good if criminals can print high-capacity magazines at home. 3-D printing is a new technology that shows great promise, but also requires new guidelines. Law enforcement officials should have the power to stop high-capacity magazines from proliferating with a Google search."
    This is not the first time Israel has commented on the "Wiki Weapon" and 3D printed gun. "It is just a matter of time before these three dimensional printers will be able to replicate an entire gun. the congressman said at a news conference at the security checkpoint at Long Island MacArthur Airport in December.
    He said he will introduce the law's renewal in Congress to renew a federal ban on plastic guns that can evade detection at airports, including weapons made partially with 3D printers right out of "Star Trek."
    Defense Distributed responded to Israel yesterday with the following post on its blog:
    Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson told Forbes journalist Andy Greenberg that "in the week that files for the three pieces of the group's printable magazine have been downloaded from its website more than 2,200 times already."
    Wilson says Congressman Israel's call to ban the devices will only increase that steady flow of downloads. "I love it. It's so reactionary," he said when I reached him by phone. "I hope he gets tons of attention for this push, and that people download hundreds of thousands of magazines."
    congressman-3d-printed-gun-3. congressman-3d-printed-gun-4.
    Wilson and his projects got a lot of attention this week due to the test fire. Earlier U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden said he will deliver his recommendations for comprehensive gun violence legislation to President Barack Obama. Watch the video below Alex Jones of interviews Cody Wilson.


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    The American people should have the power to end the proliferation of lying politicians.

    An instant one lie equals automatic impeachment.
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    I used to get printed magazines all the time...then I started using the internet instead...

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    Well, the printable lower from Distributed Defense rolls past 650 rounds.
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    I knew somebody would be able to engineer a lower to handle the stress imposed upon it, specifically for the type of plastic that 3Dprinters use. The first couple trys on youtube were just the learning curve. This is going to take off big time. Anybody have a 3D printer for rent? I just need a few hours and will buy the polymer... ;)

    Just a hint to the guys making the video- use your middle finger when accuracy isn't needed but speed is. Drink a RedBull about 20 minutes before you test to add that extra bit of skitzability to your technique. Don't ask me how I know... 120 round norinco drum+ Jager Bomb+ New Years Eve+ private range= I'm out? That's it? I asked while watching my gas tube glow bright orange.
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