First TB, then MDR-TB, now TDR-TB

Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by Silversnake, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Silversnake

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    Totally Drug Resistant TB, not susceptable to any antibiotics, is now identified in overpopulated regions in India.

    Drug-resistant white plague lurks among rich and poor | Reuters

    This will be another instance where Preppers Party like it's 1799. In discussing it with the wife, I am tempted to just wear a mask if I have to fly (if the crew doesn't freak out about it). Will also have to look at isolation protocols for sick persons in the group.

  2. VisuTrac

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    Is this one of the horsemen of the apocalypse. I'm thinking I'll avoid India for now.
  3. England is worse, London is the world capital of this filthy bug and the reason it will spread around the world. Do you know how many people fly out of London everyday?

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  4. divadmas

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    cdc seems to follow tb pretty closely. my brother vacationed in italy. after flying home he got a call from cdc saying someone on flight had tb. family was checked, he tested positive for ordinary tb. he was on antibiotics for something like 6 months.
  5. This is worse than regular tb, it's lethal and immune to ALL antibiotics
  6. CAT-astrophic

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    I went to Japan for my school's exchange program during the swine flu thing. Everyone was wearing a mask there, even if they were just walking down the street. Our trip was almost cancelled over it, we had to sign a contract saying we would wear and get checked out by a doctor before we went into the schools.
    It's always better to be safe, even if you feel silly wearing a mask.
  7. fedorthedog

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    Im in Western Washington and we have a current outbreak of Whooping cough. Kids who were vaccinated are catching it.
  8. Silversnake

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    You know what we need to address this? A national vaccination database where all vaccinations would be entered for every person including vaccine manufacturer, lot numbers, where it was administered and by whom. Schools and health professionals could have access to it to ensure the safety of our children. This way, if there was a pattern of disease in supposedly vaccinated children, the .gov could datamine this and see if there was a problem with a batch or doctor's office or some other factor. If you love your children, you would jump on board with this.

    Sarcasm people, sarcasm.

    Let no crisis go to waste.
  9. Harbin

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    I was about to jump all over this, glad it was sarcasm... :D

    My wife (24 weeks pregnant) and 18 month old son had a brutal cough for about 2 weeks and last weekend we decided to go to the local Clinic and get them checked out. We had a great old-timer Doc that checked them both out, said neither had whooping-cough but a chance it was Bronchitis. So we got to chatting with him and he started explaining why he is reluctant to give out prescriptions- this was exactly what he was eluding to. The over use of antibiotics he said is what absolutely ruined them. He went on to say so many parents absolutely demand doctors give their kids drugs for even simple colds. In the end he felt what they both had was viral and would run it's course, and I think he was right. Both started to sound better a couple days later and now are fine.
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