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Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by Nadja, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. Nadja

    Nadja RIP 3-11-2013 Forum Leader

    I just got my first vacum sealer and I must say, after a few aborted trys, it started working like a dream. I bought the model "Food Savor V3460" Bought it online and the price was very impressive also. Paid about $70.00 which included a small roll and a few of the larger bags. That price included shipping from U.P.S. you know the dirty brown trucks. Great piece of equip. Already got a ton of more bags ordered from ebay, at a great price also

    It came from Sarden Consumer Solutions. Take a look as I am impressed with it, the speed of the shipping and of course the price.
  2. Siskiyoumom

    Siskiyoumom Monkey+

    COSTCO usually has a coupon once or twice a year for the bags.
    You can also use the foodsavor to remove air from mylar bags and with an attachment glass jars.
  3. Nadja

    Nadja RIP 3-11-2013 Forum Leader

    Thanks Sis, but I buy most things on the net as I am very remote from any large cities. The nearest costco that I am aware of is almost 200 miles away in phoenix. Scary place to go at best. I just bought three rolls of bags 10" X 50' on ebay for about 55.00 plus 11.00 shipping priority mail. Not bad after looking at the food savor site and their prices.
  4. XR750

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    I would like a decent vacuum sealer that works and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.
  5. thePeege

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    Good Deal. I got a Food Saver V2040 on sale when the local Kmart went out of business. All the reviews seem to say it takes a while to get used to operating them. (the ones who fail on the first two tries and give up review it as a piece of junk, those that keep with it and learn the intricacies of the unit generally like it.) Anyone out there have any pointers or tips on using vacuum sealers that us new owners can benefit from?
  6. Seacowboys

    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member

    My wife throws mine away at least every few months but I always dig it back out of the trash. I love it but for some reason, she just can't grasp the technique required to use this versatile little tool.
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