Fish Amoxicillin for Humans How Much Would You Keep on Hand for TEOTWAWKI?

Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by ED GEiN, Aug 5, 2018.

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    For those that don't know you can legally buy Fish Amoxicillin for yourself without a prescription and it will work on humans the same basically as regular Amoxicillin. Unless you no longer could get Amoxicillin from a pharmacy with a prescription, I wouldn't recommend using it as a substitute.

    I do have some onhand in case it was TEOTWAWKI and was wondering how many 500 mgs capsules you'd recommend to have on hand? Answering the question myself, I'd say as many as possible as you can use it as a resource for trade if its the end of the world. What would you say? Thanks for your input
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    As much as you can afford and can store in a cool, dark, stable location.
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  3. ghrit

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    It might be worth a visit to your local pharmacy and ask about shelf life.
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  4. oil pan 4

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    I don't believe the US government hordes amoxicillin.
    My speculation is its limited shelf life compared to other antibiotics.
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    Freeze it.
  6. Airtime

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    This is discussed here in detail including shelf life which is generally quite long in actuality.
    Scroll down to the chart. You can see how much to store for a typical course of treatment for one infection.

    The questions are now:
    1. What might be the average number of amoxicillin treatable infections per year per person for which one should one plan?
    2. For how many years should be planned?
    3. How many people should be covered?
    Then just do the math to get number of courses of treatment and multiply from chart doses per course of treatment.

    Personally, I look back over the years and probably each of my immediate family needed amoxicillin once every 4-5 years. Three of us so that is generally once every year or two our family needed a course of amoxicillin. In SHTF it might be 3-5 years before reasonable recovery where some common meds are available again. I’ll store 4-5 rounds so at 30 doses per course of treatment, that is 120-150 tablets. By purchasing 500 mg tablets and cutting them in half I can double the doses at 250mg (common for simple infections like strep throat) and 500mg doesn’t cost much more than the same number of 250mg tablets.

    Amox is pretty cheap and typically comes in 100 tablet and 500 tablet bottles. Get the 500 size and you’ll be golden for your family and lots of friends. Get a 100 of 500mg if money is tight, that gets you say one course of treatment at 500mg dosing and almost 5 courses with split tablets at 250mg dosing. Taper off the 500mg dosing to 250 mg the last couple days and you now have 5 good courses at 250mg at 30 doses per course.

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    Hmm... I store antibiotics but, like most things, they do have a shelf life. One can use them past the expiration date; however, the potency might not be as strong, same for vitamins. So, I would think the fish antibiotics are the same. Is there a expiration date on them? I do know even though there is no difference between the fish and human antibiotics how they are handled/package/distributed is different - meaning - you might not get real antibiotics when you use the fish ones, maybe Chinese knockoffs instead. I normally get my antibiotics in a country with more freedoms so one can purchase them directly across the counter.
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  8. Bishop

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    That's what I gave scout tho help him heal up
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  9. sec_monkey

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    be really :cautious: :cautious: with fish stuff n things

    one or more monkeys have reported they have received fake stuff n things
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  10. ED GEiN

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    Why would a pharmacy know about fish medicine?

    That is a good point looking at family history using Amoxicillin. The hiccup for me, maybe I'm overthinking it is in TEOTWAWKI, Doctors will be scarce if any and diseases will be more easily spread especially if a Pandemic caused TEOTWAWKI! Do you think buying as much as you can will serve as a good trading resource as money will in all likelihood be worthless?


    I get them from what I assume to be a US company online. If anyone wants the link. let me know. Amazon sells Fish Amoxicillin as well. This is one of the products I hope I'll never have to use.
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  11. ghrit

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    Do you really think that amoxicillin cares if it's for fish or you?
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  12. Brokor

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    They aren't "fish" anything, it's the same antibiotic humans use. The quality of antibiotics from the source I linked is exceptional. I cannot vouch for anywhere else. These people aren't selling you fake Chinese drugs and they do not have a twisted sense of humor about killing your pets. Sometimes, people are a little too ignorant and tend to lean on the side of caution and skepticism, which is fine in a first tier country, but when the SHTF or when .GOV is regulating medicine to the point at which it becomes overpriced, scarce, and burdensome to procure...decisions have to be made. You're not buying a low grade version of antibiotics, you are buying from a veterinary supply through a legal loophole, which remains open for now. There is zero difference between the manufacturing and handling of veterinary grade antibiotics and human, as long as it's a reputable source.

    Lifespan varies. Check out for all pertinent information and expiration as well as effects and cautions.
  13. sec_monkey

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  14. Brokor

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    Bullshit. I've used amox and penicillin and doxy from Cal-Vet with zero issues, numerous times over the past 8 years or more.
    A staph infection like described in that link is SERIOUS and requires medical attention.
    User error does not make it a FAKE antibiotic.

    All I am going to say. And I would appreciate you not spreading disinformation.
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  15. Airtime

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    Many diseases are spred through contact with people. In TEOTWAWKI, one could argue you’ll have less contact with outsiders and disease risk is lower. One could argue that you, your family and cohorts will be in closer quarters and proximity increasing disease risk. One could also argue that whether talking viruses vs. bacteria or specific infections may also be a factor. Risk of a common cold may be higher (closer quarters) and risk for typhoid might be lower (less contact with people who could be carriers).

    I don’t think we will know until the actual scenario plays out.

    So, best I figure is life for all will be more manual. Manual stuff results in more cuts, blisters, scraps and wounds. Infections via broken skin will certainly be on the rise. Certainly stock the meds typically used for those. There is one antibiotic on the list in the post Some Medical Considerations that can be moderately effective for MRSA, be sure to stock it (you’ll have to go read that post to learn which). Beyond that, I have trouble imagining things like strep throat will be anymore or less common provided you have soap, still wash well, etc. maintaining a level of personal hygiene moderately comparable to what one has today. But maybe that will be hard to do for some. Then plan accordingly.

    On the notion of antibiotics being good barter supplies, quite probably. But on the other hand I am not sure I’d want anyone to know. If people realize you have enough to trade, then if at a point you say you don’t and a member of their family is in dire need, they will stop at nothing to get whatever they simply think you might have. Talk about an attack magnet!

    I would however give a course of treatment to close family, friends or neighbors in need but as a gift of life or limb asking nothing in return. It seems to be the Christian to do but pragmaticly the potential resulting indebtedness or loyalty could be more valuable to you in the long run than trading for a couple gallons of gas or something like that.

    But if desperate for fuel, food or something, then meds could be a very valuable barter item. Look at the street value of just one hydrocodone tablet today!

    With respect to a lack of doctors, yeah. That is why you need to get some basic training and at least one or two reference books that are mentioned in the post Some Medical Considerations. Heck, I find those books handy to consult 2-3 times a year just for life today and it’s not TEOWAWKI.

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  16. TnAndy

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    Yep....that's what I do. Whole bunch of it, along with Keflex (Cephalexin) (good for deep tissue cuts/GSW), and Cipro (ciprofloxacin) for lung infections.
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  17. ED GEiN

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    TEOTWAWKI CATCH 22: If you have plenty of resources on hand for trade like Amoxicillin they'll try to kill you for it!

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